Economy clasps the CCP dies, discussion about Chinese people’s future and position after Jun. 4th

The Prime Minister of UK will surely be out of tune

But you will find out that the louder these kind of people speak

the better situation the Global communism elimination has in the end

For CCP these days,

Tiger Yang went to Russia

and to German, France, England

with tens billions of dollars

and all kinds of promises and investment projects

even with video tapes containing someone’s shameful things,


and bank information saved on flash drives

However, what determines win or loss in this world

is the power of USA behind the scenes

More importantly,

when the world economy begins to fall,

you will find that CCP is done

And in the western political circles

a new sense of feelingis spreading

The taking-down-CCP-with-virus-truth will make the world to think

which way China should go after CCP is done,

who are the partners we can trust to cooperate?

and what kind of Chinese people are the ones we think can work together

We shall give Chinese people an opportunity to choose

about where we Chinese people will head to

and what kind of Chinese people we would like be

The anniversary of NFSC

will begin at 0:00 Jun. 3rd New York time, Jun. 4th Beijing time

After the ceremony

many people will think about this

And we will unite more elites of China

getting together to discuss the future new Chinese people’s

image and political position

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