Whistleblower Movement saving people’s lives and protecting people’s wealth, brothers-in-arms please be wise, not greedy, not in-decisive

Contents of Mr. Guo’s speech:

In the past a couple of days, (we were) busy rescuing people out of mainland China via Hong Kong

Through the rescuing process, we know that the communist China is really a prison

It’s so hard to escape from Communist China

Brothers and sisters who have escaped China, please cherish the freedom you have earned

We have also saved lots brothers and sisters out of some digital currency scams

For example, the bitcoin scam I have mentioned before

Bitcoin will end up with nothing

FireCoin’s Boss MrLi

has made a guarantee letter to the special task team of the National Security Council

Every cent of all funds wired by Chinese clients to FireCoin

Needs to be reported to the National Security Center

It is unbelievable that there are still people who are still trading in heavily onfirecoins

I already told you that it is working for the (Chinese) intelligence services

the information of Firecoincustomers is leaked to China’s public security and state security departments

As a result, lots of Firecoin customers’ assets in China are seized

one of our brothers-in-arms

400 million assets were seized, and 200 to300 million of assets were confiscated straight away

A few days ago,some bigwigs in the United States were ready to transfer Chinese assets

and promised to join us to take down the CCP after that

These days when they are readyto transfer the cash overseas

All failed. They were told that Wang Qishan and his officials said that do not let these people to run away with their money

or they will turn into our enemies

Some rich Americans have lost their sense and good judgement because of greed

A brother-in-arms working for one of the three largest banks in Switzerland

has helped other brothers-in-arms transferring a lot of money

A couple of days ago, his bank found it out and threatened to fire him. Our brother-in-arms has handled this situation very wisely with a great temper.

He asked his bank what is the reason behind the decision

The bank said that there are no other reasons apart from his help to other Whistleblower Movement supporters to wire money

CCP government is making troubles to the bank

Now the bank is offering 18 million Swiss dollar to our brother-in-arms to settle the deal

But our brother-in-arms rejects such offer

and demands that the bank to apologize publicly to all the Whistleblower Movement supporters and fully disclose the details of who have been prevented from wiring their funds overseas

We will win this case 100%

While other good news keeps coming

we need to pay attention to Taiwan Hong Kong

Hong Kong has been turned into a hell

Taiwan is in an extreme danger

The last madness of the Communist Party

will destroy the lives of two groups of people

the Taiwanese and the rich people of the mainland

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