【First Anniversary of the New Federal State of China 】Spectacular! Warriors in Southern Hemisphere

Translator:  Xiao Hong Mao
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Athena Farm Creative Design Team (Jing Ling Lan)

All Mankind co-exist on the same planet earth, and every warrior who joined the Whistleblowers’ Movement shares a common desire, that is, to take down the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).    On this notable day of “June 4th”, our warriors around the world regardless of their locations have all gathered together and celebrated the 1st-Anniversary commemoration of the New Federal State of China (NFSC) in high spirit.  Meanwhile, in the southern hemisphere, three farms from Oceania also held their celebrations both online and offline in a spectacular fashion adding more sparks to this remarkable event.

Eden Farm New Zealand made its debut appearance with a magnificent live broadcast of the aerial flight event during GTV’s  First Anniversary celebration of the Inauguration of the NFSC.  Rows of aircraft neatly lined up and elegantly cut a beautiful pattern in the sky over Auckland, New Zealand.  The aerial footage presented the breathtaking scenery of Auckland to the global audience.  When the audience thought this was the climax of the New Zealand farm event, they were in for even a bigger surprise – the Seven Mangoes rocket.  The moment the Seven-Manor Star flag, carrying the hopes and dreams of the NFSC, shot into the sky, the audience was abuzz with excitement.  The soaring of the NFSC which took place in front of our very eyes was unstoppable, this is one of the best gifts for the 1st-Anniversary commemoration of the NFSC.

In the meantime, across the Tasmania Sea in Australia, following the recent May 30th protest, Himalayan Farms Australia hosted another six-city peer-to-peer event today.  Warriors from various locations including Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, and Brisbane gave moving speeches to celebrate the 1st-Anniversary of the NFSC.  The Warriors in Sydney took the opportunity to interview locals onsite to expose the truth about the CCP virus and to slam the CCP’s trade bullying.  Warriors from Himalayan Farms Australia proudly waved the NFSC’s blue flags while singing the national anthem “Himalayas-The Highest Peaks of Freedom”《喜马拉雅-自由之巅》in the square.  Through one incredible offline event after another, more and more Australians began to learn about the NFSC and become unwavering supporters of the vitally important concept that “the CCP does not represent the Chinese people”.

Most recently, a sudden wave of outbreaks hit Melbourne again as a result of the release of the CCP’s lab-made viruses.  The entire city once again is under strict lockdown, and the scheduled offline events for this week had to be canceled.  Nonetheless, the enthusiasm of the warriors of Athena Farm to participate in the 1st-Anniversary celebration was not affected by the least.  The warriors displayed their determination and formidable courage to the global audience through the GTV live broadcast.  In their own unique and safe way, warriors showcased their vocal talents.  They sang with such unbridled passion for their support, aspiration, love, and blessing for the Whistleblowers’ Movement and the glorious future of the NFSC.

Although Oceania, a region that lies on the southern side of the planet, is indeed far away from the Eurasian continent, it already has millions of brave and righteous warriors of the Whistleblowers’ Movement.  No matter where we are, we live on the same planet Earth, and we share one common desire – that is, to take down the CCP!  So join us in taking down the CCP!

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新中国联邦一周年】燃!南半球的战友们 – GNEWS

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