Lying Down coin has caused a sensation, Hcoin is beyond expectation, G-series engineers will receive 1 billion GTV stocks in total

Contents of Mr. Guo’s speech:

We all know that

now all countries around the world

are rolling outvaccine

Many brothers and sisters texted me

asking me what to do

I have only one suggestion,

which is to refuse vaccine at all costs

Then the second issue is about the Lying Down coin

The concept of Lying Down coin

has a deep impact on the CCP, as

the Chinese people begin to ponder and question

Whetherhardworking brings a better life or not

Chinese people are asking why even with the costs of polluted earth and air of the country and with humble humanity

cannot exchange a decent life

Lying Down coin will give coins not onlyto those who ‘lied down’

but also give Lying Down coins to normal Chinese people of different social levels

I wish in the future the Lying Down coin will become

a tool to dun CCP for debts

CCP must return the money scammed from Laobaixing

and return the power back to Chinese people,

 (future China will form) a one man one vote government

Lying down coin is awaking everyone

call people from more social levels and areas

to lie down

Just don’t be hurry, it’ll take time

Now we shall build up the team

and prepare large front-end investment

I can tell you all

that the development of Hcoin and Hdollar now

is beyond all of your imagination

We should have to learn how to use it

legally and wisely

The Hdollar account

is your own wallet

The new private placement of GTV this time is 60 billion stocks

And I will take 1 billion stocks out

to reward all engineers who worked for Gnews, Gfashion, Gclub,

GTV, Getome, and in the past

the engineers worked for this G-series

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Dictation: 作而无作

Translation: 文紗(kazusa)

Proofreading: sugerpup

Video production: 农夫,雨声(文忠)

Review:getter Group

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