Dr. Li-Meng Yan’s Speech on 1st anniversary of New Federal State of China: Act now to eliminate the CCP or be eliminated by the CCP!

Author: Dawn

On June 3, 2021, at the commemoration event for 1st anniversary of New Federal State of China, top corona virus virologist and vaccine scientist Dr. Limeng Yan, from HK P3 lab, former WHO investigator for Wuhan outbreak, sounded a dire warning to the world: Act Now to eliminate the CCP or be eliminated!

She is our angel and a superhero to save all mankind!

Here are the key messages from her speech on Covid-19 and CCP:
⦁ She warned about human-to-human transmission and pandemic via Lude Media on Youtube on Jan 19, 2020, before WHO admitted it
⦁ Her husband and lab boss is top virologists working for CCP on the Covid-19 virus
⦁ She risked her life, sacrificed everything, with the help from the Rule of Law Foundation, fled HK to the US in April 2020 to expose CCP’s release of Covid-19 bioweapon to the world
⦁ The covid-19 virus uses CCP PLA exclusively owned ZhouShan bat virus backbone with their unique fingerprints of gain of function work
⦁ Her mother arrested by CCP multiple times, still under house arrest
⦁ She published 3 papers with irrefutable scientific evidence on Covid-19 as a bioweapon
⦁ CCP’s unrestricted bioweapon is to destroy your economy, social order, civilization and to finally control you as what they are doing to the enslaved Chinese people in China
⦁ CCP patented HCQ for Covid-19 treatment while suppressing the truth from the world

Image source: Twitter.com

⦁ CCP have been colluding with global bad players e.g. WHO, Fauci, CDC, NIH, mainstream media, Lancet, Nature, Science magazine etc
⦁ A young nurse in China emailed Dr. Fauci to sound the pandemic alarm, she and her family got disappeared as a result
⦁ CCP has many bioweapon labs in China and the world, under civil or military and civil fusion research disguise, CCP military scientists are currently working in a New York city lab
⦁ CCP has many other lethal bioweapons: Zika, Dengue, Ebola, West Nile, Hantavirus
⦁ Covid-19 will cause brain damage (as it contains prion to cause mad cow disease, Alzheimer’s)
⦁ Closing Wuhan lab & get reparation is not enough, must eliminate CCP to save the world, otherwise there will be no security, no next generation, no future
⦁ Chinese people, unlike the evil CCP, are honest, good, brave, can work and live with Western people harmoniously and peacefully
⦁ She will keep fighting until the last minute, either her last minutes or the CCP’s last minutes
⦁ Everybody need to act now before it is too late

Link to her speech

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