[June 2, 2021] Miles Guo’s Getter (1st)

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[June 2, 2021] Video translation

Hello, esteemed fellow fighters. Have you worked out yet? It’s June 2.

It’s really great to listen to my own song while working out.  How does brother-7 do exercise? It’s not bad, right, brothers and sisters? Look at this muscle, look at it. To be honest, this is the first time that brother-7 has undresses so much, never before. 

It’s not easy, brothers and sisters, to witness the arrival of the great day of our first anniversary of the New Federal State of China (NFSC) on June 3. What has the CCP prepared for us? Bloomberg, Wang Qishan’s buddy, published a report that defamed us. The report didn’t mention HNA at all, was silent about the coronavirus news that was broken by our fellow fighter, and not a single word about our support for the Hong Kong movement. 

Then the report talked about our affairs with Peking University. Less than three hours after Bloomberg published the report, the Dalian court, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, auctioned securities owned by Founder Securities that were actually worth $10 billion on June 19. It has already been taken away once, and for the second time, the assets valued at $9 billion will be auctioned for $1 billion. This is precisely to punish our first anniversary.

Many people say, oh, how much does it cost to celebrate the first anniversary? Brother-7 is not complaining to you. Look at the price brother-7’s family has paid and look at what brother-7 has paid. This former holding alone is worth $10 billion. At that time, there were several companies in Switzerland, Japan, and the United States. They were worth only $10 billion at the time. These bastards never said why these securities were so valuable after Miles Guo joined. But even this, the CCP has to take away. Brothers and sisters, take a look. This is the price that brother-7 will pay for our first anniversary.  

Wang Qishan said he wanted to change China’s foreign propaganda strategy and completely eliminate the first anniversary. These are the tricks they use to tackle the first anniversary: publishing 3 to 7 negative reports consecutively. They are all in big media: Bloomberg, the Wall Street Journal, or the Washington Post. This is what they want to do.  This is what Wang Qishan is like. After a few days of meetings, he is going to make nine major moves, which are designed to take away your money and threaten you. 

Brothers and sisters, many fellow fighters sent me messages asking how brother-7 is doing? If brother-7 cannot even get through this, how can I take down the CCP?  Brother-7 is very unflappable, right?  Brother-7 has already disregarded this entirely, leaving life and death out of the equation. As long as brother-7 thinks about Jack Ma, about Xu Jiayin (Chairman of Evergrande Group), thinks about Wanda Group, thinks about Ye Jianming (Founder of CEFC Energy), and about Xiao Jianhua (owner of Tomorrow Holding), right? Then we should think about Zhang Hongwei (Vice-chairman of China Minsheng Bank), who is now on the verge of death, and those officials who want Zhang Hongwei’s wife and children to sleep with them every day, etc. Fellow fighters, what we must do is to take down the CCP. Property and wealth are not what we are looking for, they are not our goal.

Yesterday, fellow fighters saw the braised chickens that I showed. Sorry, my fellow fighters, yesterday afternoon at the meeting we tried, we wanted, to make more than 100 braised chickens and send them to everybody. But people at the World Trade Center do not allow you to bring your own food. There is no way. These braised chickens were made by my wife, not me. She made these braised chickens for fellow fighters who are going to assist my live broadcast. 

So sorry, my fellow fighters, there will be opportunities in the future. I cannot help it. American law does not allow it. We just had a beautiful misunderstanding. We tried. Yesterday afternoon, when we had a meeting with Chang Dao Ge (Secretary-General of Himalaya Alliance Committee) and other fellow fighters, we tried it, but they didn’t allow it. Even if my wife cooks, it will take several weeks for her to make. We have a restaurant that can do it, but then it’s made by the restaurant. Brother-7 can cook a small amount of chicken. My wife can make a small amount for you. There will be a chance.

How I felt when I saw our fellow fighters on Lady May II yesterday? that feeling really made me feel so happy. When have the Chinese people ever been so close to each other, with love, respect, and appreciation, as they are now? Never has that happened before. Honestly, it’s heartwarming for me. I watched it while I was in a meeting. People said, “you are absent-minded.” I said: “yes, how could I remain indifferent, right?” 

Brother-7 is the happiest to see that everybody befriends and loves each other.  Our NFSC members should meet in this way anywhere in the world: with mutual affection, love, and respect. You see how beautiful those ladies are. My sisters are beautiful. Those brothers are handsome and confident.  Everybody grinned from ear to ear. When have the Chinese people ever been like this? Brothers and sisters, when have you experienced this? 

The old CCP bastards robbed us of our money. In the past two days, they attacked Himalaya coins and Himalaya dollars. They are jealous of us and resent the meeting of the new Chinese members of NFSC on the 102nd floor of the World Trade Center. This is a kind of sorrow and grief exhibited by the CCP before it dies. That is the CCP. Those are not our NFSC members.  

Tomorrow’s program is absolutely wonderful. Brothers and sisters, you must not miss it. There is not even one moment that is not amazing.  Brother-7 will live broadcast to you from a lonely corner, occasionally bubbling up about how pitiful I am.  I tried the meal in the World Trade Center, you know. Wow, look here, look at my back, listen to this sound. Did you hear the sound? It hurts. This is what the CCP left for brother-7. Look at my muscles, what do you think? How is it? It really hurts, all because of the CCP bastards.  I exercise every day with pain. 

Tomorrow’s program is not only exciting, but also has too much historical significance. There are so many people in Europe now, and there will be more than a dozen coming tomorrow morning. I said that this time nobody from abroad would be allowed to participate, 

nobody would be allowed. The leaders of some European countries wanted to come, and they are not allowed to participate. It’s not time yet. This time, we only select useful people and programs, and useless programs will not come. 

Tomorrow, everybody must remember to get up in the morning, so sleep well tonight. You have to sleep well when you go back. Fellow fighters who want to watch the live broadcast tomorrow must sleep well in advance. If you don’t sleep well, you won’t be able to stay awake tomorrow. You are staying up late with brother-7. Although the program will end at 12 o’clock tomorrow, I won’t sleep all night. This is a great day, and it’s time to settle accounts with the CCP.

Regarding Fauci’s emails, think about it everybody, the DOJ’s emails, Elliott Broidy’s emails, the Higginbotham case, and Wang Jian’s video. When did Wang Jian’s files come out? There are still very many emails from Fauci. The CCP gangsters related to Fauci, e.g., Gao Fu (director of China CDC), have too many emails. 

“Nutty Xi (Xi Jinping),” Wang Qishan, those old bastards in Zhongnanhai (Beijing), see how I embroider you. Don’t you want to auction Founder Securities? What is an auction? Why don’t you just grab it, then it’s over.  There are definitely more than 800 emails from Fauci. The Hong Kong laboratory also had secret deals with Fauci and the WHO — Wu Han Organization. There are also people in the world, who colluded with the CCP, covering the truth of the virus, including certain Chinese bigwigs. 

Brothers and sisters, do you know how many forces behind us are supporting us? How much power is behind us, do you understand? We will present a gift for the first anniversary on June 3: Fauci-the truth about Wuhan! Do you understand? There will be more. Doesn’t the CCP have nine tricks? Let’s give them 900 strokes and not stop. Just wait and see.

I am warming up while chatting with you. Okay, brothers and sisters. See you later.

Video text contributor: Himalaya Italy Da Vinci Farm (TING GUO)

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