Why the Communist State of China Can Continue To Ascend Despite the Fact That It Has Unleashed a Virus to the Rest of the World

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  • Editor: Jenny Ball

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Why the Chinese Communist State of China can continue to ascend despite the fact that it has just unleashed a virus to the rest of the world. Here are a few reasons from my point of view.

Western media is too weak to criticize the CCP’s evil. Anyone with a little bit of intelligence knows that the virus came from Wuhan. Western media has only recently begun to accept the “laboratory hypothesis”. However, according to exposed emails of Fauci, as early as January 31, 2020, someone has already warned Fauci that virus may have come from the laboratory. It’s impossible for our media and our scientists not to know or not have the ability to find out the true origin of the Covid-19 virus.

In the past year, they deliberately called the “laboratory hypothesis” a conspiracy theory in order to oppose Trump. This shows that the so-called free media in the West and the government is too hypocritical. It is then difficult to report impartially on political issues, let alone to politicize the public health issue. Because it was Trump who put forward the laboratory theory at the time and accused CCP of releasing virus, therefore the media that support the Democratic Party had no incentive to credit Trump to expose the CCP’s lies.

That is number one. Now let talk about number two. The economic issue in the world has also prompted the CCP to remain alive.

The change in strategy that was effectuated by Henry Kissinger and Nixon was the start of this – they opened China. You can see why they did it then in the cold war. They were attempting to take China off the chessboard as sort of an ally of Russia and then split them and turn China against Russia. And also there was a belief that if market forces were allowed to percolate in China, it would eventually  effectuate a more open society in China.

It turns out just otherwise instead. What happened is that American consumers, American producers and American business people became completely dependent on the Chinese and China.

The expansion of capitalism in China has had a couple of merits and a few horrible things. The positive change is that it raised the living standards of Chinese people by leaps and bounds, and the poverty has been greatly alleviated in China because they have addressed free markets, which provide more job opportunity and cheaper products. At the same time, however, this free markets created a broader base and a more strengthen base for their authoritarianism.

What more, it turns out that corporations are not great defenders of freedom, they are defenders of their profit margin. They want to do business with the CCP even if the CCP has no intention to establish a free market economy.

And capitalism does allow for the exchange of products, which is good for consumers. But what capitalism cannot do is overthrow totalitarian system. Capitalism made it possible for the CCP to become more powerful.

So, if America has an opponent as Soviet Union, you’d strengthen free markets in the United States, grow the economy extraordinarily and then able to spend more on the military. This is how Reagan contained the Soviet Union to the point where they had to basically pull out of Eastern Europe and collapse.

But if the Soviet Union had instead been engaged in the World Market, if the Soviet Union had embraced elements of capitalism to strengthen its own economy, the Soviet Union regime probably would still be around today.

China is the proof of this hypothesis. And this is why it is so disquieting when you see so many American companies are speaking up on behalf of the CCP. They’re so timid about offending the CCP because they’re afraid that their market share in China is going to go away.

Capitalism has a set of underlying values, but you can’t embrace profit margin without compromising the underlying values of capitalism in CCP China. That’s what CCP has been doing to so many businessmen of America.

Now the West has lost the sense of self-confidence. They lost sense of their own values. They lost the will to defend its own values in the face of CCP aggression.

The dirty secret of the CCP is that they also incredibly have to dependent on the rest of the world. But the rest of the world never wants to pull that trigger. The rest of the world never wants to say no to CCP as it doesn’t want to bear the consequences. So, CCP could win its way by default despite the fact that it is an internally weak economic regime. Despite the hostile of the countries bordered with the CCP.

In fact, the West are missing the opportunity although they hold a huge leverage of the CCP in their hands, to hold the CCP accountable for the virus leaked from the Wuhan laboratory. The West is in a process of slow-moving retreat. At the same time, the social media is still helping the CCP with propaganda. They blocked all the information that the virus might leak from the laboratory. Although this opinion has inevitably returned to the stage now, but these social media gave the CCP a year and a half to destroy evidence.

Although the demise of the CCP is inevitable, but the demise of the CCP cannot solve the problems caused by the CCP. It cannot make up for the damage caused by the CCP. We cannot expect the west, which has lost its core value, to be able to rebuild the new order. We must join the great awakening movement ourselves, and completely break free from the evil forces of the world.

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14 days ago

The truth can be suppressed, but it cannot be denied. The atrocities committed against humanity will see the light of day because Communism is at its heart a dog-a-dog world of deception, betrayal, and loyalty only to whichever temporary faction that happens to be in power. Without ideas and with only loyalty to men serving as its core principles, the Party itself sets the stage for its own demise.