Jenny from Himalaya Australia delivers an awakening speech to the Australian public

Author: Rosa 

Video: 光耀华夏

Editor: XO酱

On June 4th 2020, in celebrating the 1st anniversary of the New Federal State of China, Jenny from Himalaya Australia delivered a passionate speech to the Australian public at Martin Place in Sydney CBD.

In her speech, Jenny once again stated the mission of the New Federal State of China – to take down the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), the heinous crimes the CCP committed against the Chinese people, and more imminently, Covid-19, an unrestricted bioweapon CCP developed to attack the whole world. 

Jenny’s speech reflects the true thoughts of overseas Chinese who are pro-democracy and the rule of law, sending a clear and solid message to Australia and the world that Chinese people are not equal to the CCP, and the CCP does not represent Chinese.

We urge all peace-loving people around the world to listen to our voice, join us in realizing the mission of taking down the CCP and reshaping the world for the better.

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2 months ago

Great job!
So honoured fight with you guys.
We will take down the CCP