【G Times】 Is it possible for Fauci to be a tainted witness?

Author/Picture Design: Giselle Translator: Xiaoyu

The CCP has made a public opinion call, Fauci’s 800 emails shocked the United States, the virus was dumped on China’s account, flipping sides is faster than flipping pages.

—— The strategy in this wave of CCP’s propaganda is: let the Americans fight among themselves.
• Position Fauci over to Trump’s camp, say that Fauci is the NIH director and virus consultant during the Trump era. Trump can’t abscond from responsibility for the Fauci mess.
• Fauci is an American. The Americans concealed the truth about the virus and caused a global pandemic.
• The virus was leaked by an American laboratory, and Fauci lied about that, it is hard to evade blame…
This is but wishful thinking. Don’t forget who holds all the evidence of people colluding with the CCP and those virologists who defected from the CCP?!

Back then , when Biden had so many emails exposed, himself the president as well, yet nothing happened…

——Twitter blocked the Biden family scandal that time, but allowed Fauci’s scandal to continue to ferment. What does this mean?
In this era when the media is king, whoever has the right to speak will have the last laugh… Take out the popcorn already, and enjoy Fauci’s “humiliation” by the media.

Fauci is facing a posse attack by the media, not just the American media, but the CCP whom he worked for will also join the crusade. Fauci has become a dangerous abandoned son. What kind of posture do you think he will take?

——Fauci is indeed in a bad situation and he knows it, turns to be a tainted witness, comes forward to testify against the CCP and clarify the truth about the virus. Then perhaps he may be able to find a way out of this mess. Otherwise, he will become the CCP’s target and end up miserably. The CCP will exploit Fauci’s NIH official position and use e-mails as evidence to transfer all guilt to Fauci and the United States.

The Chinese Communist Party’s foreign policy makes a sudden turn, requiring the propaganda department to project a “trustworthy, lovable, and respectable” image and “make friends with the world.”

——”Wolf warrior” diplomacy can’t hack it anymore, and it is changed to “cat warrior and “dog warrior” diplomacy…goes to show the CCP’s dishonest nature and end-of-the road situation.

The world is now akin to one big family, engaged in a game of division and redistribution, and the victims are the ordinary people …

Our whistle blower movement represents the grassroots, not just any family!
The so-called big family and marshland shall ride on this inevitable wave of extermination of the Communist Party!
The ultimate battle between justice and evil is here! Final victory shall go to the citizens.
The China-US relations is not decided by just Biden or Xi Jinping. Each has a bottom line. The bottom line of the United States is democratic values ​​and a rule-based international order. This makes a clear line drawn against the CCP. Are there any gimmicks left for Xi Jinping to pull?

(The content of the article only represents the author’s personal views)

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