CCP: USA is the origin of COVID19


Author: VOG-Translation-Team, XiaoZhuoZi

Mar 2.

Several days ago, CCP’s top propaganda star said, the coronavirus does not necessarily originate from China.

And today, we find out that there is a new trend of internet articles in Communist China defaming that the USA is the origin of the massively spreading Coronavirus pandemic. These articles attracted innumerable readers recently and we all know that there is no media but propaganda in China. 

The main points of these defamations are:

1. the pandemic in Korea, Japan, Iran, and Italy got worse but cases in the USA remain low. And Japan insists on the idea that the pandemic originates from the USA.

2. Before pandemic started in China, UAS had suffered from seasonal flu for months and CDC in the USA predicted 32 million flu cases will come with 47.4 people among every 100,000 flu-affected cases will have to receive treatment in hospitals. The flu situation in the USA has been much worse than the Coronavirus in China.

3. TV Asahi Corporation in Japan reported in its program that many flu cases in the USA turned out to be coronavirus, and on 21st February, the TV news reported about USA CDC’s announcement on 7th February that the Coronavirus is very similar to flu, and on 14th February that those non-flu cases should be diagnosed as Coronavirus.

4. Japan’s analysis also came from unidentified pneumonia spread out in the USA between June and October of 2019. As of 3rd September 2019, CDC in the USA reported mortality of a total of 18 unidentified cases in 18 states in the USA, and the total diagnosed cases were 1080 in almost all the states in the USA.

5. This unidentified pneumonia was named as White lung disease as scan results showed a similar symptom with the Coronavirus: white patches in the lungs. And there has been no other medical follow-up analysis except the hypothesis of vaping as its origin. 

6. China is a mainly affected country by the Coronavirus with diagnosed cases of 79,394 at the time of 6 pm on 29th February. The spreading situation in China is abating to the end, while other countries seem to be in a stage of a startup.

7. It’s not time to draw the final conclusion, but we have to say that flu and unidentified pneumonia cases in the USA are closely related to the Coronavirus pandemic. We highly suspect that it originated from the USA.

As the writer of this article, I would also like to share some of my main points:

1. The Coronavirus pandemic is highly suspected to have come from the P4 Virus Lab in Wuhan, China. This pandemic will magically make all the social problems, trade war, dictatorship crises disappear.

2. Chinese Communist Party manipulated 1.4 billion Chinese as well as the media. CCP’s malpractice at the early stage of the pandemic should make and only make, CCP responsible for this pandemic.

3. CCP is telling lies to their own people and the world every day about the virus. So many coincidences related to this mysterious pandemic showed and only showed that CCP was behind a plot.

4. If CCP is an innocent baby, there would be no reason to refuse the multi-country medical aid team to go to Wuhan to help, inspect, supervise the whole management process of our great communist party. 

5. Newly and elaborately cooked patriotism is sprouting in China because of massively distorted information in the country’s manipulated propaganda system. Then, here comes the question, CCP, what do you want to do?

Source: screenshots of the CCP propaganda from multiple outlets.

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