Both “Red” Songs and Mourning Songs Are Everywhere in Mainland China

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History repeats itself and never stops. In the blink of an eye, here comes the Year of “Ox” (which is also called the Year of Xin Chou in the Chinese lunar calendar). Although the wounds of the June 4th Tiananmen Massacre are yet to heal, the destruction of the Chinese Communist Party has begun.

As usual, the entertainment circle has been as the CCP’s tool for brainwashing its people. It never changes. At the end of the CCP ruling era, this old tactic has helped once again to instill its poisonous ideology into the minds of the Chinese people.

In 2019, all levels of the CCP’s officials were in full support that the “Red” songs would be the main theme for the propaganda of the entertainment business. Soon, the “Red” songs were sung everywhere in mainland China. The portraits of “Emperor Xi” were everywhere in the communities. People in the entertainment business understood that if they did well in the campaign of the “Red”songs, they would earn enough money for the whole year.

As a result, the people from private enterprises, companies, and even state-owned agencies have taken time off for practicing and engaging in the orchestra of the “Red Songs”. As we all know, this has become a political task.

In mining industries, it is most common for workers to shout out the “Red songs”. They curse lyrics that do not conform to the reality, while participating in rehearsals, in order to receive a subsidy of 2000 yuan. Of course, this sum of money is allocated by the local government to the enterprises for the sake of this “face” project, which everyone is happy about taking a break from work anyway.

Here is one real example from a state-owned mining enterprise. The leader selected a “Red” song, called “Forging ahead into a new era”. The first line is: “Never have we been so confident and proud as we are today …” Singing workers may never understand in their lifetime that when they, as slaves, work so diligently for their masters’ pride and confidence. The workers earn just enough money to make ends meet but shout out songs with the utmost pride. This is one of the scenes that the CCP desires most.

Another example is from a customs office. Because of the high instability of the customs staff, it was difficult to get enough people together for each rehearsal, but even so, they had to hold rehearsals. The old customs officers are normally accommodated, while the younger ones have scornful looks on their faces. They shouted the song—“The Motherland Will Not Forget (Me)”. Its lyrics are “The mountains know me. The rivers know me. The motherland will not forget and will not forget me.” Sadly, the country has been captured by the Chinese Communist Party, and the rivers and mountains have been completely destroyed by the CCP, while “I” am just like a piece of meat on the chopping plate, at the mercy of the CCP’s “Red Families”, or like “leeks” in the fields that would be cut over and over.

The year of 2021 is the year that the CCP will be eliminated from the earth. What happened in mainland China are chaotic and lawless. While the “Red Song” of 2019 was centered and started around the National Day, the “Red Song Season” of 2021 started quietly from April. Colleges and universities respond to the Party’s call (to sing “Red Songs”) more enthusiastically than those singers who sing Red songs. All TV stations, colleges, universities, and institutions are dedicating their songs to the CCP. It is just like a ritual to devote themselves to the devil.

Nothing is more shocking than this year’s new slogan – “All Children’s Hearts Are Devoted to the Party.” This really makes people speechless and extremely sad. Children of this generation are living a better material life but their minds are taken away by the CCP. I wonder how long this fake illusion can last.

The CCP is on the verge of the ending. Before being exterminated, the CCP will surely take away the essence of the entertainment business and leave a few fatal damages to destroy whatever achievement left in the entertainment business of this land.

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8 days ago

It is becoming “West Korea”.


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