[NFSC One-Year Anniversary Ceremony] Mayor Giuliani Accuses the Chinese Communist Virus and Communism of Trying to Destroy American Democracy, the Rule of Law and Religious freedom

Mayor Giuliani said the United States has experienced terrorist attacks of the magnitude of 9/11 in its history. Americans have shown courage and unity. America has won the ultimate victory. But now is another dangerous time. Once again, the United States has experienced an even more serious terrorist attack. The Communist virus pandemic, which can also be called the Fuchs pandemic, has hurt people more than any other country in history.

President Reagan said Soviet communism would be a major threat to the free world. But it was defeated by the United States. Today the Chinese Communist Party is making a comeback with the CCP virus. Americans must stop being disillusioned.

Biden’s hard drive is full of horrific criminal evidence. These criminals are just like the criminal mob in New York back in the day. The Obama administration has turned a blind eye to the Biden family’s criminal corruption, even working in cahoots with them. Until the current underground dealings with the Chinese Communist Party. This pattern of crime goes back even 150 years. These criminals have undermined the democratic spirit of American liberal law and exported communist ideas to Americans.

As Americans it is imperative to confront and fight back against these criminal acts. And the culprit is the Chinese Communist Party. It is important to realize that this is the Chinese Communist Party manipulating viral terrorist attacks. And they are covering up the truth and severely infiltrating every industry and government in the United States. The destruction of America is the ultimate goal of the Chinese Communist Party. Thanks to the bravery of the new Chinese Federation and for all that they have done.

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