Consultation Meeting With Yau Ma Tei Residents Against Coronavirus Clinic

Yau Tsim Mong district councillor Suzanne Wu Sui-shan held a consultation meeting at Community Centre Rest Garden with Yau Ma Tei residents this afternoon.

The government has earlier turned the community’s clinic into one of the designated Coronavirus clinics, without consulting the district council nor residents. In the meeting, residents took turn to voice out their opinion on stage.

After the meeting, at around 16:40 o’clock, at least one man and two ladies were stopped by police.

The press was surprised that riot police searched “suspected petrol bomb” from a lady, who dressed in white without any “gears”. Arrested civilians were escorted to police cars.

Later, the press claimed that the “petrol bomb” looked like spray paint instead of glass bottles.

Sources: City Broadcasting Channel, Egg’s club

Contributor: GM02

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