Russia No Longer Considers Communist China a Friend

Russian President Vladimir Putin said Thursday there is no plan for a Russia-China military alliance.  The Russian ambassador Andrey Denisov to China believes that formal alliances, especially military-political alliances, are not the best solution to Russia-China relations. And he stressed that bilateral relations are based on equality and mutual benefit and allow for more effective and flexible realization of common interests than alliance relations.

  • Mr. Lu De sees this as an absolute bombshell dropped by Putin. Just before the Biden-Putin summit, this statement by Putin shows that Russia will not stand with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).
  • To form an alliance requires signing and following agreements, but the CCP has never followed any agreements or rules they signed. Plus, the CCP was a major cause of the collapse of the Soviet Union, so Putin could never trust them and ally with them.
  • Now we’ll see how the CCP’s old friends, Iran and North Korea, take their stand.

U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen and the CCP’s Vice Premier Liu He spoke Wednesday for the first time since President Joe Biden took office.

  • Since the Biden administration took office in January, it claimed that it would conduct a comprehensive assessment of U.S. policy toward Communist China. At the same time, they continued many of the former Trump administration’s economic and trade policies toward Communist China and never publicly mention the resumption of the U.S. China Comprehensive Economic Dialogue. 
  • The U.S. doesn’t want to waste any more time on the evil CCP, and decoupling is getting closer and closer.

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