[One-Year Anniversary Ceremony] Dr. Sellin Claimed That the CCP Virus Was Made in a Laboratory and Was a Part of the CCP’s Biological Warfare Program

On the afternoon of June 3rd, 2021, Dr. Lawrence Sellin held a livestream interviewing the people of the New Federal State of China. On June 3rd, many Chinese people were celebrating the first anniversary of the founding of the New Federal State of China with great enthusiasm. During his interview, Dr. Lawrence Sellin called the Chinese people who believed in a free china to work together with the American people to take down the CCP.

Dr. Sellin pointed out that the CCP had caused the CCP virus pandemic. He explained that over the last year, he worked to find the origin of the CCP virus to expose the CCP’s bioweapon program and to identify those in the United States who may have contributed to the CCP’s evil plan. He mentioned that he was greatly assisted by young anti-CCP Chinese men and women who accessed documents in the Chinese language. Dr. Sellin believed that these intelligent and dedicated young Chinese men and women represent the future of a free and successful China.

Dr. Sellin emphasized that he and his teammates made no mistake about the origin of the CCP virus, and they are certain that the CCP virus was made in a laboratory and was a part of the CCP’s biological warfare program. Dr. Sellin also explained that there was an abundant amount of evidence on the CCP’s biological warfare program; for example, the structure of the virus itself. Dr. Sellin states that, “No on made such artificial alteration as we see in Covid 19 to study nature, and the presence of those alterations cannot be explained by nature evolution.” Dr Sellin has no doubt that the CCP virus is a bioweapon, its creation was supervised by the CCP’s PLA, and that it is a military project.

During the interview, Dr Sellin also said, “it is fundamental principle of biological warfare to retain the capability of possible deniability, that is the ability to blame nature and for a disease outbreak.” Dr Sellin believes that the CCP virus was just designed to do just that.

In addition, Dr Sellin claimed that the CCP virus was not “leaked” from a CCP lab but was “released” by the CCP. It is a part of an evil plan with evil intent. The CCP is not innocent in relations to the CCP virus pandemic. Dr Sellin also told the audiences that he and his team had identified the structure and the organization of the CCP biological warfare program, and how the program led to the CCP virus pandemic.

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