[One-Year Anniversary Ceremony] Mr. Bill Gertz: The Wuhan lab has identified more than 2,000 new viruses, compared to more than 1,500 viruses in human history so far!

Thursday, June 3, 2021, at 14:00 EST.

The crowd rose to welcome Mr. Bill Gertz to give his speech. Mr. Bill Gertz started by quoting the Jewish proverb that let’s meet in Jerusalem next year, and he hoped that next year’s New Federal State of China celebration would be in Beijing! (The audience applauded enthusiastically)

But he made the disturbing announcement that the U.S. intelligence team had shockingly discovered that there were already more than 2,000 viruses in the Wuhan lab, compared to more than 1,500 viruses in the entire history of mankind!

He recalled that on January 27, 2020, he published an article in the Washington Times, “Coronavirus from the lab may be linked to Chinese Communist military,” but a day later, his article disappeared completely from the Internet, and Facebook claimed it was fake news, and many Western media began to slander it as a “Conspiracy”. It is the Chinese Communist Party who censoring such news in the West through its propaganda machine, which should never happen in a free and democratic world.

In April 2021, a spokesman for U.S. military intelligence confirmed at a hearing that the military had two theories about the origin of the virus at the time, one being that the virus came from a Chinese Communist Party military lab or evolved through a zoonotic jump because the Chinese Communist Party provided illegal experimental conditions to corrupt scientists abroad in a very dangerous attempt to manipulate the virus in the lab. The Chinese Communist Party has provided illegal experimental conditions to corrupt scientists abroad in a very dangerous attempt to manipulate the virus in the laboratory. The Chinese Communist Party has publicly claimed on television that they had more than 2,000 new viruses in their labs, many of which came from bats, in what is known as “Gain of Function experiments”. Mr. Bill Gertz said that over 1,500 viruses have been discovered in human history and it is a very dangerous experiment because these viruses become very susceptible to human infection. And instead of hiding this, the Chinese Communist Party made it public. And the corrupt scientists are scrambling to do these kinds of experiments in the Communist China because the United States won’t allow them to do so. The U.S. intelligence team found out that these corrupt scientists were helping the Chinese Communist Party to cover up the truth.

Mr. Bill Gertz said that President Biden has ordered the U.S. intelligence team to investigate the truth about the virus. The real truth is that the Chinese Communist Party knew exactly where the virus came from, but they covered it up. To avoid Covid-19, Covid-20, and even Covid-25, we have to know the virus origin and the Chinese Communist Party must be held accountable for it.

Finally, Bill Gertz revealed his personal experience of the former U.S. Secretary of Defense betraying the United States and being manipulated by Chinese Communist Party’s spies.

We admire Mr. Bill Gertz for having been fearlessly pursuing the truth and awakening the world by the power of truth.

(This article represents the author’s personal views only)

Author:Skagen                              Translator: wakeup

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