[One-Year Anniversary Ceremony] Angel Dr. Limeng Yan looks back on the anniversary

Dr. Yan said that time flies, she made no public appearance when the New Federal States of China (NFSC) was founded last year, after she had just arrived in the US. Mr. Guo advised her to stay away from the celebration for the time being, since she has not made a public appearance.

Although living next to Times Square, due to the epidemic and for security reasons, Dr. Yan was not able to go to Times Square to see the large advertising of NFSC. “If I could take a look or take a picture at that time, it would be a wonderful memory.” She said.

“Last June 4, the rain that day had absolutely no appearance of stopping, and suddenly it lit up clear at that hour, and the lightning that struck when Mr. Guo bit his finger and took the oath in front of the Statue of Liberty, no one could explain it away, it was pure providence! It would have been hard to believe if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes on the air.” She continues.

Some things cannot be explained, but it just happened. Just like last January 16th, Dr. Yan found that out the truth about the virus and felt that she must pass the truth on. It seemed so fortunate that, as if guided by divine providence, among many choices, the unknown Lude and the Whistleblower Movement were chosen as the channel to deliver the truth about the CCP virus, choosing the right person at the right time. Then at the annual meeting of the Legal Foundation, Lude delivered the message to Mr. Bannon and others.

Coincidentally, the Chinese Communist Party(CCP)lock-downed the Wuhan precisely 

on January 23, 2020. But if Mr. Guo had not founded the Rule of Law Foundation and the Rule of Law Society Foundation a year in advance, Mr. Lude would not have had the opportunity to sit down with Mr. Bannon and the others to discuss this matter. If it were not for the credibility and good foundation laid by the Whistleblower Movement, others would not have taken what Lude said seriously.

Dr. Yan said that the pace of the extermination of the CCP has been pushing faster and faster over the past year or so. Without Mr. Guo standing Guo and Mr. Lude continuing to make live broadcasts, she would not have been so impressed. The Whistleblower Movement is really too important to the Chinese!

This is indeed the will of God. Who would have thought that the angel who changed the course of history and saved mankind would be such a quiet and beautiful female doctor – Dr. Yan. 

(This article only reflects the author’s views)

Author:freedoom                                Translator: Alex Wen

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