[One-Year Anniversary Ceremony] The New Federal State of China is the only star in the night

On June 3, 2021, at 12:07 p.m. EST, celebrate the first anniversary of The New Federal State of China. At the celebration, Mr. Miles Guo firstly showed the flag of “the Star of Faith in a night” designed by “CCP 嗝屁.” The New Federal State of China is the only star in this anti-humanity age caused by the CCP. Mr. Miles Guo, scientist Ms. Limeng Yan, and Mr. Lude hosted the celebration together.

Dr. Yan Limeng said that on June 4 of last year, The New Federal State of China was established in a short sunny during the lightning and thunder. There was a lot of unexplained providential favor and divine power on that day.

On January 16 of last year, Dr. Yan said she discovered the truth about the Covid-19. She chose Mr. Lude and Whistleblower Movement as a channel to spread the truth. She was fortunate to choose the right person and timing and used two days to prepare and give Luther the real information about the Covid-19. Mr. Lude relied on his logic, common sense, and professional lawyer-like communication to understand what the virus was really about. In this way, Mr. Lude delivered the truth about the virus in his program.

Mr. Lude said that on the same day from last year, Mr. Miles Guo and Mr. Bannon sowed the seeds of hope in front of the Statue of Liberty to deliver the true voice of the Chinese people. Mr. Hao Haidong read the declaration of the new Chinese Federation. After a year of watering and irrigation by comrades, the ideology and faith of The New Federal State of China are in full bloom.

Mr. Lude also said that the concept of The New Federal State of China is a new form of civilization, a new sublimation of modern society. It is not a centralized system, not the CCP’s political system of confidence. The flag of The New Federal State of China’s Star of Faith is in a blue background, representing the vastness of the universe. In the universe, no one can control all of the others. Just like in the ocean, dictatorship cannot control everyone like it on the land. The great seed of The New Federal State of China, established last year today amidst lightning and thunder and providence, has a profound significance. It will rally more Chinese and global forces of justice to assemble and take down the CCP.

(This article represents the author’s personal views only)

Author: 心声 Photo: 煦

Posted: 流光飞舞 文柯Miles Translator: Totoro

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