[One-Year Anniversary Ceremony] Warm-up before the Ceremony

This Thursday on June 3, 2021, at 12:07 EDT, the “Celebration Ceremony for the 1st Anniversary of the New Federal State of China” is about to kick off on the 102th floor of the World Trade Center in New York. 

For safety’s sake, Mr. Guo will not attend the event in person but he will broadcast simultaneously at his residence in Manhattan.  Mr. Guo first introduced our national flag, which had been redesigned according his opinions to give prominence to the significance of the “New Federal State of China” as the only star shining in the darkness.   

Today, for the first time Mr. Guo met Dr. Li-Meng Yan in person who arrived in company with Mr. Lude at his residence on the 18th floor. According to his intelligence, Mr. Guo, Dr. Yan, and Mr. Lude are the CCP’s top three targets for assination. 

Today, many of our fellow fighters in Mainland China are unable to get around the great firewall with their VPNs and some even have problems with their local internet connections.  In the beginning, the streaming was interrupted but Mr. Guo soon got back online to continue with the broadcast despite the frenzied electromagnetic interference by the CCP thugs. Mr. Guo expressed his regret about not being unable to attend the ceremony in person for the sake of all the guests’ safety. 

Then, with the barks of Snow (Mr. Guo’s pet) and in great excitement, we saw Dr. Yan appear on the screen. Dressed in pink trousers and black blouse, she walked gracefully towards Mr. Guo and gave him an effervescent hug. Mr. Guo was surprised by how fit Mr. Lude had turned because since January 23, 2020, they had not seen each other for more than a year. Mr. Guo bemoaned the cruel fact that because the craziness of the CCP, he had not been able meet Lude who is only moments away from his residence. 

These three heroes, who have changed the world, finally met today. A year from now, the world will see further change because of them. We can feel that Mr. Guo has been keeping his emotions in control before the camera. Let’s wait for a moment and let them have a little bit of catching up on each other. 

(This article only reflects the author’s views)

Author:Skagen      Translator: Boredbug

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