[Commentary] U.S. Special Forces in Taiwan to Assist in Training Taiwan National Army

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On Monday, May 31st, Taipei United Daily News reported from the Ministry of Defense of Taiwan that the U.S. military “security cooperation brigade” assisted in training the joint brigade of Taiwan National Army at the base of Hsinchu, Taiwan.

The U.S. Army Special Forces and Navy SEALs are also doing regular joint training exercises with Taiwan National Army Special Operation Forces.

The U.S. Marine Corps Special Operations Command (MARSOC) also sent personnel to Taiwan to conduct “expert exchanges” with Taiwan national military’s special operations forces.

In the United States, on May 27th, Christopher Maier stated that the United States will send troops to Taiwan to help train Taiwan’s national army special forces, at the hearing of the U.S. Senate to review his qualifications. 

Christopher was nominated as the Assistant Secretary of Defense of the United States, in charge of special warfare and low-intensity conflict affairs. His statement represents the direction of the U.S. military strategic deployment with Taiwan.

Some senators also suggested that the U.S. military should teach Taiwan military about an “underground resistance system” after being occupied by the enemy. There is no doubt that this enemy is the army of the CCP, and the CCP is the enemy country. This shows that some senators are worried about Taiwan’s security.

Noticeably, the strategic deployment of the United States in Taiwan has substantially  changed from the previous vague strategy to uniting Taiwan against the CCP, and countering the CCP’s suppression of Taiwan. At the same time, the U.S. is increasing their military forces in Taiwan to deter the Chinese Communists and prevent war in the Taiwan Strait.

With the expansion of Communist China’s hegemony in the Indo-Pacific region, the strategic position of Taiwan has become increasingly important. If Taiwan falls, the Chinese Communists can easily break through the first island chain. That’s why the United States must ensure Taiwan’s security.

Currently, the plan of the U.S. Department of Defense strategic deployment in Taiwan is still primarily to deter the Chinese Communists and secondly, to prevent the emergence of war. 

Picture source: Taiwan’s Ministry of Defense source


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