The Party is Greater Than the Country, L-A-W-L-E-S-S-N-E-S-S

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The Hong Kong Alliance in Support of Patriotic Democratic Movements of China (the Alliance)issued a press release on May 27, saying it had received a reply from the Office of the Chief secretary of Administration that “the Government has not been able to establish the proposed parade for May 30 and assembly for June 4 is in accordance with Article 5 under Chapter 599G. In addition, the Alliance were also informed by the Police this afternoon that it opposes the “Remember June 4” parade on May 30 and to ban the “June 4” Candlelight Mourning in Victoria Park on June 4 under the prevention and Control of Disease (Prohibition of Group Assembly) Regulations.

According to the Notice of Prohibition of Public Assembly and Objection to Public Processions issued by the Police to the Alliance, the Police response level remains at the highest level of “emergency” in view of the ban and outbreak in Hong Kong. The Police said the public assembly and processions are high-risk activities with large crowds of people and there is    reason to believe that holding such activities would increase the risk of participants and other members of the public being infected with the virus.

The Alliance said that it would appeal to the Public Assembly and Processions Appeal Board under Article 16 of the Public Security Ordinance, and hoped that the board would arrange a hearing of the appeal as soon as possible so that the public could pay their respects legally and safely to the victims of the June 4 Tiananmen Square Massacre in 1989. The Alliance reiterates that the mourning for June 4 has been the collective memory of Hong Kong people in the past 31 years and will continue to fight for the legal rights of public mourning on June 4.

After attending the Legislative Council meeting, the Secretary of Security, Mr. Lee Ka Chiu, responded that the two activities were unauthorized gatherings and no one should participate in, publicize or announce them, otherwise it would be illegal and could be sentenced to up to five years in prison. ”Anyone who tries to challenge the law, including restriction orders of assembly, public security ordinances of Hong Kong, the Police will deal with it seriously.

Mr. Lee said that the Commissioner of Police decides whether or not to object a public activity in accordance with the powers conferred by the Ordinance, after considering all factors such as restriction orders and public order. If he opposes the activity, then the activity is an unauthorized assembly.

Another reporter on the scene asked whether the shouting “end-one-party dictatorship” was a violation of Hong Kong’s National Security Law. Lee Ka Chiu at first only repeated that anyone who tried to challenge the law, they would be dealt with seriously. When pressed again, he replied, “I am not here to discuss whether certain acts may violate certain laws, but according to the National Security Law, it’s clear that anyone who organizes, plans, carries out, and uses illegal means to undermine or overthrow the fundamental system established under the Constitution of China is guilty of subversion of state power. Everyone is responsible for his or her own actions. If any illegal acts are involved, especially those involving national security laws, we will deal with them in accordance with the law.”

Similarly,  June 4 Mourning Event in Macao, which has lasted for 30 years, was banned from 2020 by the local government with the pretext of epidemic prevention.

Ironically, the Hong Kong Department of Health announced on September 27, 2020 that no imported or local cases had been recorded in Hong Kong on the same day, and there were fewer than five preliminary confirmed cases, bringing the total number of confirmed cases to 11,837. According to the department’s information, the last time there were no confirmed cases in Hong Kong was on October 14 last year, 226 days after last time there were no confirmed cases in both local and imported cases. As the government agreed to relax epidemic prevention measures, the maximum number of people attending a concert in Hong Kong from the 6th to the 11th of this month was increased to 50% to 75%.

In response to a series of recent political trials of Democrats by the Hong Kong Communist government, we have every reason to believe that the Chinese Communist Party cannot bear the “end of one-party rule” slogan. This slogan is one of the important demands in the June 4 mourning activities. The law is to serve the people, not the people to submit to the law. The reason why the Communist Party of China wants to force the so-called “national security law” in Hong Kong is actually an outright party security law, and it is only using national security to cover up the security of the political party. As long as hurting the interests of a political party is tantamount to subverting the country, any country under the rule of law with real democracy will find it inconceivable, this is the real lawlessness.

The New Federal State of China has always stressed that the Communist Party of China cannot represent China and more than one billion Chinese people, and that the overthrow of the Communist Party cannot be confused with racial discrimination. On the contrary, to overthrow the Communist Party of China, which only represents the interests of a few people in power, is the greatest respect and protection of human rights for the Chinese nation and even all the Asians in the world.


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