Microsoft Partners With HONOR, a Spin-off of Huawei

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Microsoft, which has faced massive hacking attacks from the CCP, is now partnering with Honor, a technology company recently spun off from Huawei, a company with a military background with the CCP, National Pulse reported April 22.

Microsoft is providing its Windows 10 operating system for Honor laptops, such as the MagicBook Pro. The December 2020 partnership was announced just a month after Honor spun off Huawei, a CCP-linked telecom company under severe U.S. sanctions.

Huawei has been labeled a “national security threat” and military collaborator of the CCP by the U.S. Department of Defense, and the company has provided information to the CCP through backdoors in its products, networks, and equipment. The U.S. State Department also noted that Huawei is used as “not only a tool to make money but also a tool to pursue the CCP’s agenda and achieve its strategic goals. It is deeply involved in Beijing’s system of oppression at home and has growing strategic ambitions globally.”

Honor still has ties to the CCP, as the Shenzhen government was one of the many players involved in Honor’s $15 billion-plus acquisition. More importantly, lead buyer Digital China has ties to Huawei through its work with cloud computing and other projects. Microsoft has bypassed restrictions on U.S. technology companies working with the CCP by partnering with Honor.

Honor CEO Ming Zhao was pleased with the deal, noting that “this will see us working with Microsoft on a global scale.” Xiang Ligang, director of the Alliance for Information Consumption, noted that Microsoft’s decision to partner with Honor could encourage more U.S. companies to work with the company. “With a U.S. company partnering with Honor, more U.S. companies may join the group in the near future, which could better solve Honor’s supply chain issues,” he noted.


The partnership follows a long series of events that have entangled Microsoft with the CCP, providing operating systems for use by the Chinese government and participating in conferences with CCP military proxies and CCP technology companies, among others. Splitting and divesting companies is a common tactic used by the CCP to avoid restrictions and sanctions. Is it good or bad for Microsoft to work with a CCP technology company that harms U.S. interests? Time will tell.

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