Xitler Stresses the Need to Change the Propaganda Warfare Strategy


Xi Jinping stressed in a group study session on May 31 that the foreign propaganda agencies strengthen and improve international communications and present Communist China to the world in a multidimensional and panoramic manner.  Xi then added, “We should tell Communist China’s story and spread Communist China’s voice in a proper way.”

  • Dr. Li-Meng Yan’s international presence is growing, especially in the United States and India, and recently she just appeared on Japanese media. This puts great pressure on the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Therefore, the CCP now is changing their propaganda warfare strategy to seize the power of speech in the advanced fields of science and technology.
  • According to Xi’s speech, the CCP is aiming to maintain consistency in its internal and external propaganda system, which means the CCP is going to extend their ‘Great Firewall’ and propaganda network to the world.
  • By spreading the red gene through propaganda and media warfare, the CCP has made their “red zombies” all over the world.  
  • The CCP has fostered a giant baby mentality in the Chinese people, and thus they are highly dependent on the CCP both physically and psychologically. Therefore, one of Lu De Media’s aims is to provide some approaches of counteracting CCP’s brainwashing to our Chinese audience, allowing them to grow in their ability to think logically and independently.
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20 days ago

what do you want to change Xitler? you want to change propaganda to propagindi? everything you do will backfire. do you even realized that