【G Times】 Is vaccine the key for the hell?

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A new wave of COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread in China. The governmental office reported that this new virus strain in Shenzhen province is a British variant while that is an Indian variant in Guangzhou. Anhui and Liaoning provinces have not yet clearly announced the types of virus. This round of epidemic caused a panic and the common people scrambled to get vaccinated. As a result, 100 million people have been vaccinated within 5 days according to the official statistics ……

Most cases are the asymptomatic infections 

On May 30, the Guangzhou Health Commission reported that 12 new cases of asymptomatic infections were found between 0:00 and 24:00 on May 29 in Guangzhou.

Since the first confirmed case of local new coronary pneumonia  in Guangzhou on May 21, a total of 5 confirmed cases and 21 asymptomatic infections were reported till May 29. According to  the official data, most cases are the asymptomatic infections in this round of pandemic in Guangzhou, and the sources of the infection cannot be figured out.

So the question is, how did these sources of infection come out? How did the British and Indian variants come to Guangdong? Will  the massive inactivated vaccination “produce” more infected or asymptomatic infected people?

Recently, a brainwashing song that instigates the public to vaccinate has been widely spreading on Internet. The content of the lyrics said that every vaccine has its own ID card, one person-one vaccine-one code, which can be tracked at any time. It can be imagine how the workload it is if register separately for more than one billion people. However, if everyone is vaccinated with the same vaccine, then there is no necessary to register the “vaccine ID card”. Why did the authorities spend so much time and effort to do so?

1. Vaccines triggered a catastrophe of the virus infection

Inactivated vaccines, as suggested by their names, are made from killed pathogens. The effectiveness of the CCP’s inactivated vaccine has been verified in Brazil, Chile and the other countries that widely promoted its vaccine: the infection rate in these countries has been risen sharply after the vaccination.

On April 13, the Chilean Ministry of Health confirmed that their intensive care unit (ICU) is in an “emergency condition” because 97% of the beds have been occupied by the severely affected patients with the coronavirus.

According to the official data in Chile, the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases has increased by 11% in the past 14 days, while the daily added number even exceeded the data that occurred during the worst condition in last June.

In this richest Latin American country with a population of less than 19 million near the Pacific, the virus pandemic has caused  more than 1 million people affected and nearly 25,000 people died. However, its vaccinated rate is listed as the third one in the  whole world, which makes the others confused and worried. The large-scale vaccination started from this February, and now 7.4 million people have received at least one dose, accounting for 39% of the population, of which 4.81 million have received two doses. About 93% of Chile’s vaccines are from China’s Sinovac, while the others are from Pfizer developed by US.

The number of vaccination in China has reached to 500 million doses currently, and the rate is still moving on at 10 million to 20 million doses per day. So, this wave of epidemics is likely to be caused by these vaccines.

2. Why do the authorities need to register ID cards for vaccines?

Four types of domestic vaccines currently are: Sinopharm Beijing, Sinopharm Wuhan, Sinovac and Kangsino. Fosun Pharma has been approved by BioNTech SE and was act as the unique agent of mRNA vaccine in mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, for supplying vaccines to Hong Kong and Macau.

Sinopharm (Beijing, Wuhan) and Sinovac are the three types of the inactivated vaccines, while Kangsino is the kind of the adenovirus vaccine developed by Kangsino and Chen Wei.

It can be seen that there is also a reason for the authorities to register ID cards for the vaccines, because they are all the experimental vaccines and are not mature. The authorities hope that a large amount of meta data can be obtained through this large-scale human experiment, and then the vaccine can be improved. Finally, they can have some priority for the virus war as well as the vaccine war in the future.

3. How did the Indian and British variants appear in Guangdong? Is it just indeed imported from abroad?

The Indian epidemic was unreasonably and suddenly broke out on a large scale. A large number of facts and data have indicated that the so-called Indian variants and British variants were just the new strain released intentionally by the CCP to India, Britain and the other places. The CCP probably has the original virus as well as the related vaccines.

This wave of pandemic outbreaks in Guangdong province has no cases to show that it was imported from abroad. So, among these vaccines promoted by the CCP, is it possible to include the vaccines against the Indian or the British variants? Could the epidemic be caused by these vaccinations?

4. Why are there so many asymptomatic infections?

Although the officials reported that 21 cases of asymptomatic infections were found in Guangzhou within 24 hours, this does not mean the reality. The real data may be much more.

Before or even earlier than the outbreak and the lockdown of the Wuhan city, as many as 5 million high-risked populations were scattered to the whole world. How many asymptomatic infections came to the United States? Or arrived in the United States through a transfer country? How about their trajectory? We all know that the CCP virus is highly infectious. The epidemic in the whole Italy can be traced back to one couple who came from Wuhan. It can be seen how infectious the virus is! So, are these asymptomatic infections a biochemical weapon specially made by the CCP? Only based on this point can reasonably explain why the high number of infections existed in the United States.

In the same way, are these large-scale human experiments that involved more than one billion people designed to produce large numbers of asymptomatic infections?

In the early stage of the pandemic outbreak, the CCP’s experts did not announce the existence of the asymptomatic infections and misled the test method only by measuring the body temperature. Later on, as the asymptomatic infections were detected in many  other countries in the western world, the CCP experts finally changed their words and admitted that there were a small number of asymptomatic infections. Why did the CCP lie about the infections without symptoms? Because they intend to cover the releasing behavior of these asymptomatic infections? Or to form a biochemical army?

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