Technological Oligarchs and Pharmaceutical Companies Commit Large-Scale Anti-Humanity Crimes

  • Author: The-world
  • Editor: Jenny Ball

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I have always known the evil nature of the big pharmaceutical companies and technology oligarchs, but today we can’t even post any information based on science. Now they will directly delete your comments and will not notify you at all.

Medical experts who want to help people are not qualified to post medical-related opinions on Facebook. But those so-called fact-checkers, who have no medical background have the right to delete your posts at their wish.

In order to protect their narrative, Facebook did their best to distort the facts. They did so to prevent the people from obtaining any accurate information.

Now Facebook publicly admits that they will BLOCK all information about the side effects and adverse reactions of the vaccine. Meanwhile, the “mainstream” views on Facebook say that the vaccine is safe for children and pregnant women.

In May 2021, the CDC in the United States reduced the number of cycles of PCR testing, and stop listing asymptomatic patients who test positive for the Covid-19.

However, they will only lower the PCR standard for people who have been vaccinated. This means that all people who have been vaccinated will not test positive. I believe this behavior will also demonize the unvaccinated.

Do you know the truth about PCR testing? Carrie Mullins, the inventor of PCR testing, has long come out and said that PCR testing was not invented for clinical testing. In other words, we should not use PCR to detect the Covid virus at all. However, Carrie Mullins passed away mysteriously in 2019.

We may not need to discuss this matter here. What we have to do is to connect the evidence and facts together. I think if people think about the entire incident as a whole, they should be able to understand why they got involved in the pandemic in the first place.

In fact, in this pandemic, as long as you can quickly manipulate the PCR test, you can get any test result you want.

The greater the number of PCR cycles, the higher the probability of finding the DNA fragments of the virus in each test, and the less the number of cycles, the more difficult it is to find the fragments of the virus.

That is to say, if a viral DNA fragment is found when the number of cycles is small, the result of this test will be more accurate than the result of the fragment found when the number of cycles is large.

Prior to this, PCR tests were often used for paternity testing, crime scene investigations, and scientific research. It should not be used to test whether a person got the CCP virus.

Because the CCP virus spreads very quickly, even people who are not infected with the CCP virus may still carry the virus. So, as long as you greatly increase the number of tests, you can indeed increase the chances of positive results.

And now the CDC no longer uses the previous test method, they now do not support all positive results with a cycle number higher than 28.

So, you can see that they are trying to create a false reality that the vaccine is effective. To prove the vaccine is useful, they will decrease the cycle of PCR test for those vaccinated. 

The project Veritas recently broke the news that Facebook will delete all comments that discussing vaccine side effects, whether they are true or not. They want to completely eliminate any negative information about vaccines on social media platforms. It seems like these evil organizations want people to get the experimental vaccine no matter what the cost are.

Now more and more people are aware of the danger of vaccines, and more and more insiders are exposing the evil nature of these technology companies. This is a war between us and globalists who want to exterminate mankind. We should reject the vaccine and believe in our own immunity that God has given us. Those of us who publicize the dangers of vaccines and  who expose the evil of big companies are the soldiers on the front lines in this battlefield.

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