[June 1, 2021] Miles Guo’s Getter (2nd)

Translator: Himalaya Connecticut Pangu (USA)(YY)

Proofreader: Himalaya Toronto Maple Leaf (Canada)(Liberte)

Getter Video link: [June 1, 2021] Miles Guo’s Getter (2nd)

[June 1, 2021] Video translation

Feel it. My heart is flowing with happiness after arriving home.  What is happiness? Look at this fried beltfish. I just got home, the fried beltfish. Look at this. This is braised chicken. Let’s take a look, simmering braised chicken, free-range chicken. Wow, it smells so good. Think about how it feels to be back home. I can’t wait to grab the food and eat it quickly. Wow! I have lived for half a life but am still afraid of fishbones when I eat beltfish. My wife showed me how to eat it. First do this, bite the side off to get rid of the fishbones, then eat like this. See, this is what my wife taught me.

You don’t eat, Snow. I’ve almost finished half of this bowl. This is maybe the ninth piece that I have eaten. The happiest thing is to eat like this, which is better than eating at a banquet. Don’t make my mouth water. You will have a feast the day after tomorrow, right? How uncomfortable it is to sit at the table and eat.  Brother-7 just squatted here to steal food. I can’t go to the scene of your banquet, so can’t I just eat something good here? So many fishbones. This way of eating is what I like. Wow, this piece has too many bones.  I find that I have to be careful when I eat beltfish. If I am not careful, I will have trouble. Look, everybody, I almost ate all of this. Wow, my God, every day I work very hard, but also feel very happy. Because there is hope, because there is faith, and there is delicious food.

Okay, thank you.

Video text contributor: Himalaya Italy Da Vinci Farm (TING GUO)

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