[June 1, 2021] Miles Guo’s Getter (1st)

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[June 1, 2021] Video translation

Hello, my honored fellow fighters. Today is June 1st.

Brother-7 has been quite excited for the past 24 hours and has experienced the feeling of ice and fire. I’m sure I must be the person who felt it the most. Your brother-7 felt deeply and strongly about the affection, the hugs, and the expectations of our fellow fighters who came to New York from all over the world.

I think you understand that what I wanted the most was to meet you all. But because of the CCP, we cannot see each other face-to-face. Such hatred. This is the experience of ice and fire. One side is fire, and the other side is hatred.

Because of the CCP, even though our fellow fighters are so close to me here in Manhattan in New York, we cannot meet. We can only look forward to it. For the sake of fellow fighters, and our Whistleblower Movement’s task of taking down the CCP, brother-7 cannot embrace every one of you. What I want the most is to be there, but I cannot go. 

The evil of the CCP caused this. The coronavirus made everybody wear masks when meeting each other. And it made us unable to see each other even at such a close distance. Didn’t the CCP cause this? Wasn’t this because of the evil things that the CCP has done?

In addition, I have other feelings. We cannot meet with our beloved family members who are 10,000 miles away in mainland China. We cannot bid farewell to the elderly who passed away.

Many of our Chinese compatriots are forced to separate from their wives, husbands, or children. Their families are broken. This tragedy is happening every minute of every day.

Even if you are in mainland China within the firewall, your parents may be in the countryside, but you have to work in the city. As “working girls and working boys,” your children are left behind in the countryside so that you cannot raise them, and usually, you cannot see your old parents for a whole year. What is this? It is a life pattern set by the wolves (CCP) for the sheep (Lao Bai Xing).

Some of us are in America, the nation of freedom. So many of our fellow fighters are highly educated. Higher education is common among them.

I made a joke with Fei Fei, a fellow fighter in Washington, “300 years of education.” Fei Fei pointed out, “brother-7 said 800 years of Qing Dynasty, but the fact is the Qing Dynasty should be 300 years.” Brother-7 made a slip of the tongue, and Fei Fei corrected it very well. It was 300 years of the Qing Dynasty. Brother-7 incorrectly said 800 years. I always watch movies and get the time wrong. Thanks to Fei Fei for pointing it out. Our fellow fighters are all highly educated.

People cannot go back to their homes in mainland China and see their parents there. How terrible is this?

While I am filled with anger and hatred towards the CCP, I think in the past few hundred years of Chinese history, from the 300 years of the Qing Dynasty to the present. When have our Chinese ever liked each other as much as we do now? — not only in the CCP’s 70 years but also in the Qing dynasty in the past.

There was a prime minister surnamed Li in the Qing Dynasty. In the British Museum, there is a description of him. It says that he always had an arrogant face when he saw the Chinese. But a slightly better attitude when he saw foreigners.

The ideology of those days was all about obedience. When confronted with royal power, people all called themselves inferior. The subconscious of these powerful people was that everybody else had to kneel to them, kiss their asses, and flatter them. 

Now the CCP is even more exaggerated. They (the CCP) treat everybody as a slave and rip us off.

In the past when the Chinese came overseas, they would hide far away from other Chinese. No matter where Chinese people saw other Chinese, they were like enemies and avoided each other as if they saw a plague.

Have you seen Chinese people meet each other so cordially, hug each other, and become so close like this? When have Chinese people been so close to each other? It seems that the first time in hundreds of years, the Chinese are so close. At least I haven’t seen it anywhere in the world before.

How wonderful is this feeling? How wonderful does it feel? Too many times, I have been moved to tears and overwhelmed with this kind of exciting emotion. This is the New Federal State of China (NFSC) and the Whistleblower Movement.

At this moment, we have achieved the goal of making Chinese people love each other, be close to each other, and help each other, instead of the mutual harm, deception, and injury they exhibited for so many years. This is the greatest thing that the Whistleblower Movement has done.

I am convinced that after the first anniversary of the NFSC, everybody will be more looking forward to next year. What will next year be like? Think about it. How many things have we done this past year? But nobody mentioned it. Fellow fighters, can you also sing your own praises? We’ve done great.

These days, dignitaries contact me and say, “Miles, you people have done so much this year. It’s incredible.” A number of things are incredible, but we never praise ourselves. We Chinese really have a shortcoming. Many people are skilled at bragging, but most don’t know how to praise themselves based on facts. The Whistleblower Movement needs to learn to sing its own praises properly. We’ve done so many great things this year.

By this time next year, how many more things will we have done? How many people will come to the 2nd anniversary of the NFSC celebration next year? What will be the situation next year?

Our fellow fighters are now staying at the World Trade Center in New York. The whole area in front of the World Trade Center includes the pier and the Merrill Lynch Center. Your brother-7’s life after 1991 started there. There is a building with a round and a square shape on its top, representing the sky and the earth.

That design team had several Chinese assistants, and I met all the renowned designers on the team.

My design inspiration, the outside wall design inspiration for the Yuda Palace Hotel in China, is 100% the same as the two centers across the street now, the “sky and the earth” building and the Fortune Center. It also includes the World Trade Center and the Financial Center.

The stone used to build the Yuda Palace Hotel is called Pink granite which is from there. Across the street is the Ruo Shui Square, designed by I.M. Pei. The Ruo Shui Plaza of Yuda Palace Hotel is also the same as that plaza.

There is a “glass box” connecting the two buildings. It looks great inside, with coconut trees planted step-by-step upwards — Yuda Palace Hotel was planted with coconut trees, inspired by that.

Across the pier are some great Egyptian, Saudi, and Mayan sculptures. Those sculptures deeply affected me. Further away from there is the Statue of Liberty. When I saw Lady Liberty for the first time, and again in 1989, it was even more difficult to express — Liberty is my religion.

So, I saw the Statue of Liberty and went back to China to build Yuda Palace Hotel, the same inspiration, using the same granite and space.

Fellow fighters, if you have time, you can visit that center, where your brother-7’s inspiration for Yuda Palace Hotel came from. The “glass box” is also the same.

So, brothers and sisters, it’s all about your life experience and the environment you grew up in. Your brother-7 had that experience, and when I came back after 1989 and saw those buildings and squares, they resonated with me immediately.

It had a profound effect on the architectural language that I have been using in various buildings afterwards. That’s how important your surroundings are when you grow up.

Yesterday, fellow fighters came to the World Trade Center from all over the world, and after 9/11, the twin towers had only one building left. Now this one is called Freedom Tower.

Walking into the Freedom Tower, you may feel nothing special, but in fact, it is not that simple. Like making an iPhone, you cannot just draw an iPhone image on a brick and create a workable phone. Right? That’s impossible. The iPhone has a significant number of chips and components inside. Also, there are many structures in that building, many very breathtaking spaces.

When brothers and sisters arrive here, please think about the US before and after 9/11. Can you imagine that Manhattan has expanded several times since the explosion of the World Trade Center?

The Great New York Project has not been stopped in any way. Hundreds of billions of dollars have been spent on the area where the World Trade Center is located, which is no joke. The World Trade Center will be there forever.

There is a dramatic change in Manhattan from the 80s, 90s, and after 2000 until now. In the past, it was an industrial district, but now it’s completely occupied by commercial businesses. The most awesome Soho, the most impressive village, the design center, the wealth center, are all located there.

The only district that has not developed is Chinatown. Unbelievable! When I went to Chinatown with my bodyguard, my bodyguard said it was a place outside the US, 100 years away from the US. What happened is worth pondering.

Video text contributor: Himalaya Italy Da Vinci Farm (TING GUO)

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