Medical Q&A Section of Canadian Political Life Show No.15 2021-05-31

Author: The Mount Royal Montreal Group 平民正道

1. More and more people are getting vaccinated and some places allow mask removal, please give your opinion?

After reading the relevant literature and combining my personal opinion, first of all I would not go to a very densely populated place and keep enough social distance. The respiratory manifestations of the variant virus are less severe and more manifest in systemic symptoms. I will wear a mask indoors, but I can go outside without a mask if I have enough space and keep a sufficient distance from people.

2. Why do I have to get the pneumococcal vaccine when I get the third shot of Pfizer, commonly known as the booster shot?

The duration of protective antibodies of the vaccine is very short, and the effect of antibodies decreases rapidly after about 3 months. In order to improve the low level, a booster is needed every six months or a year. During the influenza pandemic, many people died because of bacterial pneumonia infection. There is no way for the literature doctor to explain whether the influenza event was the basis for the pneumococcal vaccine that led to the new crown. Influenza only invades the respiratory tract, and the new crown uses the respiratory tract as a gateway to invade all organs of the body through the blood.

3. 76% of people with severe CCP virus infection and 30% of people with mild CCP virus infection have sequelae, which sequelae are asked?

One-third of those who recovered from past CCP virus infections and had a nucleic acid test to test negative were aggravated, hospitalized with relapse, and one in ten died. All the damage is to the autoimmune system and there is nothing that can be done about it. The side effects of hormone therapy are not to be underestimated.

4. What is the impact of the virus on Canada?

It has an impact not only on Canada but on the whole world. In addition to affecting the health care system, insurance and life expectancy will have to be re-evaluated. It will have a significant impact on individuals and families.

5. It is said that the Moderna vaccine has the most significant protective effect on Asians?

I have not seen the literature and relevant data to support this claim for sure.

6、Moderna vaccine has SM102, what is it?

SM102 is a nanoparticle carrier component, which is the code name of the product. According to the literature, this has a toxic effect on the organism and active cells. After injected into the body, it will fuse with the human cell membrane, and what effect it has on human beings after fusion needs to be verified by experiments. According to the results of animal experiments, the injection of mice will cause the death of mice.

7. What is PCR test and what does it do?

It tests the nucleic acid of the virus. By using special color PCR technology, it can detect if the virus is present and thus detect if a person is infected.

8、 How do I understand the relative risk reduction rate and absolute risk reduction rate given by the vaccine company?

The percent protection rate released by the vaccine company is actually the relative protection rate. What we should look at is the absolute rate of protection of the vaccine. Absolute protection rate means for example that a person who has been vaccinated against hepatitis B will never get the hepatitis B virus if they live with a person who has hepatitis B. Nowadays, the absolute protection rate of these vaccines is only a few percent.

9. Those patients with weakened immunity have a much slower immune response to the new crown and in some cases do not produce antibodies at all. It doesn’t matter if you get the vaccine or not, what do you think?

Vaccine companies’ instructions warn the public that patients with immunodeficiency, tumors, diabetes, hypertension and heart disease should discuss with their doctors before taking the vaccine. The implication is that you are responsible for any problems with the vaccine. According to Dr. Wen, whether antibodies are produced or not is not the most important issue, but the effect on people is the most important.

10、What are the cases and reports that prove the harm of vaccines to people?

There are more and more such reports, involving all organs of the human body. Whether it is a vector vaccine or a nanoparticle vaccine, the final product is the S protein. The vaccine is distributed to various organs soon after being injected and expresses S protein on organ tissues throughout the body. It has reported cases on all organs throughout the body and just comes out with very cleverly written results. The virus is not an ordinary virus, it is an artificially modified, carefully designed and polished biochemical weapon. All human knowledge of it is from scratch. It has completely overturned all our previous knowledge about viruses, immunology, and vaccinology. If we use the past knowledge based on virology to explain, there will be a very ambiguous view of virus knowledge.

11. Which heavyweights have come out to change their minds about the source of CCP virus?

Fauci, WTO Secretary Tedros Adhanom

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