Canadian Political Life Show No.15 2021-05-31

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A brief news report of the week

1: Quebec has 276 new confirmed cases today in a single day, 39 fewer than yesterday. This is the first good sign of fewer than 300 new cases since last September. The total cumulative number of cases now stands at: 370,319, with a recovery of: 355,266. The number of deaths: 11,128.

2: Now that the mixed British-Indian strain has rapidly begun to spread, Amy Tan warns against unblocking it too quickly. The Public Health Agency of Canada expects the third wave of the epidemic to continue to decline and also to continue with current measures and not increase face-to-face contact rates throughout the community. An effective and progressive approach to “lifting the cap” is needed to avoid a fourth wave of the epidemic. Also, the Canadian Vaccine Advisory Committee has updated that they want people to get their second dose of vaccine as soon as possible as the supply of vaccine increases.

3: 77,495 people were vaccinated on Sunday, bringing the current total to 5,583,075 doses and reaching 60.8% of the population. There are still 5,887,119 doses waiting to be administered.

4: The port of Montreal has become a national hub for the transportation of stolen vehicles, mainly to Africa and Europe. Most of the luxury cars are destined for Russia and some countries in Eastern Europe. Practical models such as the Honda CR-V, Toyota RAV4 and Jeep SUVs are shipped to African countries such as Nigeria.

(For those who have these cars, it is best to buy insurance against theft, and to put a crab-like label on the window, which can be found even crushing the iron block)

5: With the unsealing of some areas, restaurants will resume dine-in, but limit a table to 2 adults from 2 different addresses, and bars will remain closed. Montreal and Laval will also continue to be on red status for another week.

6: One poll: Only 20% said they would like to return to work after the outbreak, and even though the number of new coronavirus infections is dropping daily and the number of deaths is decreasing, Canadians are not rushing back to work, with about 82% saying working from home has positive effects. There are also reasons for convenience, money savings and increased productivity. Some people may also want to jump ship if their bosses force them to return to the office after the epidemic. Find a company to work for where you can work from home. The epidemic has changed most people’s lifestyles.

Current political miscellany – from the three children policy

The CCP China started family planning in the 70’s and required a birth certificate. More than 30 years have passed and now there is a 3-child policy. Madam YISHAN, Madam FARMSISITER and Madam JACKIE talk about what they remember about the birth policy in China.

According to the 2020 Census of the CCP China, there are more than 1.4 billion people, but the actual number may be less than 1.1 billion. The introduction of the three-child policy shows that the real data is too watery. The one-child policy has led to how many girls were aborted, abandoned, or entered orphanages, and were adopted by Western couples with better fate. The rest are only one-child children. There are not many girls in a class, and now they are asked to find a spouse, and there are more boys than girls.

In rural areas, girls generally do not take them to the hospital when they are sick. Every night after 12 o’clock, I went to the corner of the outpatient hall to see that there were 1-2 baby girls who were mostly abandoned girls. During the hospitalization of Madam JACKIE’s son, an 8-month-old beautiful little girl in the same ward had a brain tumor. The doctor said that only 8,000 yuan can cure the disease. The girl’s parents had no money to cure her and persuaded Madam JACKIE to adopt the child, but Madam JACKIE did not agree to the request when her own child was sick, and later regretted her decision. In China, human life is not taken seriously at all. In the past, it was not allowed to have more than one child, but now it is encouraged to have three children, touching the bottom line of humanity and committing a crime against humanity.

Foreign countries like Canada have a maternity leave before the birth of a child, a year of paid annual leave after the birth of a child, and a father’s leave. In China if mother after maternity leave does not go to work, her position may not be able to keep. The mother goes to work and the grandparents help to take care with the grandchildren.

During the family planning period, if you don’t get married late, you can’t get a one-child card. Without the card, you don’t even have a chance to have a child.

The child also needs to be well disciplined. Especially after the reform and opening up, many people in China do not even have the minimum moral bottom line. After the Cultural Revolution, we all lost the trust between people. Some years ago there was a case in Nanjing where an old man fell to the ground and a young man went to help him up. The old man took the opportunity to blackmail the young man, saying that it was the young man who hurt him, and the court awarded the young man money. Since then, the old man fell down and no one helped him. How distorted human nature has become.

The strict one-child policy was introduced in ’79. During the family planning period, women were forced to have abortions all over the country, and dead babies were abandoned everywhere. Some children were born on the ridge of a field and left to fend for themselves. Children were aborted in hospitals and dumped by the bucketload.

Many Canadian families went to Chinese orphanages in groups to adopt children. The adopted children receive a good education and loving parents. Some parents even encourage their children to go to China to identify their relatives. The parents who adopt Chinese children are particularly fond of Chinese culture. They go to the orphanage to see the children, and the ones they like are brought back to Canada and their destiny is changed forever. Madam YISHAN has been a Chinese teacher for adopted children and Madam FARMSISITER has delivered dumplings to such family gatherings.

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