02/06/2021 GTV UK Weekly Interview With Mr. Bannon

Host: Winston |Contributors: Angela, MikeHua, TCC, Winston

(Winston) Welcome to GTV UK weekly interview with Mr. Steve K Bannon. Today’s date is 2nd June 2021. Good to have Mr. Bannon with us once again.

As we are approaching 4th June, the date that marked the first attempt by the Chinese people to demand a democratic government in Communist China, the incident is later known as the Tiananmen Square Massacre, inevitably around this time every year since then, the CCP gets very nervous and massively doubling on their internal security effort to silence any dissident voices.

Since the founding of the New Federal State of China on the same date last year, 4th June is not only a date that all Chinese people will commemorate those who sacrificed their lives, but it will also be the date that we will celebrate the renewed hope of freedom for all the Chinese people around the world.

Mr. Bannon shares very exciting news with us on such a memorable occasion and gives the meaning of June 4th, Tianmen Square Massacre, not only to the Chinese people, and the birth of the New Federal State of China.

(Mike) The New Federal State of China, Rule of Law Foundation and Society are the only group alarming the world about the Pandemic before its outbreak. The information we gave was dismissed but verified again and again. How will the US and the world treat us in the future?

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