Survivors of CCP virus infection have a 59% increased risk of death compared to uninfected individuals

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MEDICINE NET reported April 23 that for people suffering from the onslaught of the CCP virus epidemic, their suffering is often not over. New research shows that a wide range of long-term symptoms are common and that the risk increases with the severity of their CCP virus infection.

In what may be the largest study of its kind to date, a team led by Ziyad Al-Aly, MD, PhD, of the VA St. Louis Healthcare System in St. Louis, Missouri, says the findings suggest that “after the first 30 days of illness, survivors of the acute phase of CCP virus experience substantial health damage – both to the lungs and to extra-pulmonary (non-respiratory) organ systems.”

As reported in the April 22 issue of Nature, the new study tracked the outcomes of more than 73,000 non-hospitalized people infected with the CCP virus and nearly 5 million uninfected people. It also compared the outcomes of nearly 14,000 veteran patients hospitalized with CCP virus with those of similar size hospitalized with seasonal flu. The most important point, the researchers said, was that within six months of illness onset, CCP virus survivors had a 59% increased risk of death and a 20% increased risk of needing to return for some form of outpatient treatment compared with those who were not infected.

The St. Louis team reported that people with the CCP virus were also at risk for “several diseases in almost every organ system,” from respiratory illnesses to neurological symptoms to mental health problems, heart problems, gastrointestinal problems and just “poor general health.” In addition, the team said, the odds of CCP virus survivors experiencing long-term symptoms increased along “a risk gradient that increased with the severity of their initial disease symptoms.”

Thomas Gut, MD, vice president of medicine and director of ambulatory care services at Staten Island University Hospital in New York City, said the VA’s findings are “entirely consistent with other previous U.S. and foreign reports on long-term CCP virus.” Gut said, “The majority of people affected in our CCP virus recovery centers have neurocognitive and respiratory impairments, which correspond well with the VA data.” Although this article does not address the specific complaints associated with each organ system, it demonstrates that the syndrome after CCP virus encompasses damage to multiple organs.

John Raimo, MD, is the medical president of Jewish Forest Hills on Long Island, also in New York. He applauded the study, saying it gives physicians and the public a better understanding of the problem. “The fact that patients with more severe disease have an increased risk of future symptoms may allow physicians to better plan and counsel patients on the need for regular follow-up,” Remo said.

Gut said, “The problem is how many people are currently affected and the unknown number of others who may develop the syndrome as the pandemic continues around the world.”

Don’t think that if you recover from the CCP virus, you’re fine, but the virus is still quietly damaging your organs, and maybe you don’t even realize that your memory is fading as a result …… The New York Times also reported that one-third of CCP virus survivors have brain damage. Mr. Guo announced on April 22 that there was information that CCP had the antidote. Finally, we see the hope, please start to spread the truth immediately, awakening public opinion and uniting the forces of justice so that the CCP can hand over the antidote and end this disaster as soon as possible.

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