6/1/2021 The True Data Behind The Communist China ‘s Three-Child Policy

Abstract: The CCP falsified data in its latest national census. China’s actual size of population may be smaller than what the official number indicated. The government has to implement a three-child policy to combat declining population.

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The Chinese Communist Government has officially announced a three-child policy allowing families to have three children), which can be interpreted as the government’s quiet admission of the false 7th national census. The official data published by the CCP are self-contradictory. Is the actual size of population larger than what the official data indicated? Let’s look at our data analysis.

For example, according to the CCP’s official report, China’s population of children in the age group 0-14 years old is 253.38 million, but another CCP’s official report stated the total number of newborn babies from 2006 to 2020 is 238.65 million. The difference between the two numbers is 14.73 million with the number of infant mortality during the period is not included. Below is a screenshot of the CCP’s data.

In addition, the CCP’s official data stated that the total number of deaths from 2011 to 2020 is approximately 98.04 million (the estimated number of deaths in 2020 is 10.02 million).

During the same period (2011-2020), the number of newborn babies was 159.14 million, from which we can get the net population increase of 61 million by subtracting the total number of deaths from the total number of newborns.

The CCP launched the Sixth Census and the Seventh Census in 201 and 2020 respectively.

China’s official size of population in the Seventh Census is 72.06 million larger than that of the Sixth Census, which means the total size of population grew by 72.06 million according to the census data.

1411.78 million (total size of population from the Seventh Census)-1339.72 million (total size of population from the Sixth Census) = 72.06 million.

Yet the previous calculation of newborn and death numbers shows the population grew by only 61 million in this period. The difference between the two calculation is more than 10 million!

The CCP falsified its population data. The real motive behind the CCP’s three-child policy is to encourage birth responding to the declining population. The falsification backfires. The data is self-explanatory.

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Author: Jiantizi (简体字);Rangzidanfeifei(让子弹飞飞)

Translator: Billwilliam

Proofreading: Opal

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