Equal Rights in Renting & Selling and Tenant Protection – Blue Maple Law Issue 9

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The 9th issue of Blue Maple Law aired on May 29th on G-TV, hosted by Ms. Ting Lan and featuring Ms. MaMa HuHu and Mr. June Flowers as guests, talking about equal rights in renting and selling, as well as tenant protection. Here is the summary of the highlights:

-Landlords can manage their own rental properties or hire a property management company. Make sure to understand the fees and services before making a decision.

-Most property management companies have limited services, landlords should be aware of their responsibilities and obligations.

-Before you sign a contract, you should see the property on site to check the possible safety and health hazards, such as water leakage, mold, wall cracks, wiring and plumbing, housing history, etc.

-Understanding of the local building code before the visit to avoid illegal remodeling, housing safety hazards.

-Tenants or landlords should study the local Residential Tenancies Act to develop legal awareness and comply with the law.

-In the event of a dispute, seek help from law enforcement agencies or professionals as soon as possible after rational communication is unsuccessful, to avoid aggravating the conflict.

Comparison of rent laws in western countries and China.

China’s housing rental legislation under CCP’s control is seriously lagging behind, resulting in various tragic events, there is no proper protection for the rights and interests of individuals. The legislative process in Western countries is democratic, from city BYLAW, City Council, Vote, public citizen meeting consultation, the whole process is very democratic. 

In a society based on the rule of law, rights and benefits should be decentralized, and rights and obligations should be equal, but the laws of the Chinese Communist Party are used by the minority to oppress the majority, and its obligations and rights are not equal.                                     

The rights and obligations of both tenants and landlords are balanced, and the law is to ensure this balance, so know the law and use it to protect your rights and interests, and correct the zero-sum thinking in order to create a more peaceful and better world based on the rule of law.

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2021-05-29《蓝枫法律》第九期 法律你我他 – 租售同权与保护租客

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