[Topple CCP] “Lie Flat in Bed” Means Overthrowing the CCP and Rebirth

Author: Ermat [G-Translators/Authentic Writing Team]
Translator: billwilliam
Editor: Shifter

Image: Chinatimes

“In a gentle way, you can shake the world.”—Mahatma Gandhi

The phrase “lie flat (in bed)” suddenly becomes one of the most searched word in the Communist China. This is a form of civil disobedience by which some people stay at home, stop working, and say no to burdens like buying houses, buying cars, getting married, having babies, or expensive consumerism. They just maintain their lives at the minimum cost and avoid exploitation as much as possible. As a result, the phrase “lie flat” is coined. Although this is denounced by the official and mainstream media, it is a recipe to take down the CCP and to be reborn.

“Lie flat (in bed)” is a silent struggle against the society’s cruelty, just like civil disobedience against the government. If this model of non-violent protest is staged across the country, it will inevitably deal a heavy blow to the CCP’s economy. Since China’s exports shrink sharply during the virus pandemic, domestic economy becomes the indispensable component. But if the exploited deplorable people “lie flat (in bed),” this is hitting the CCP at its most vulnerable point.  Facing this civil disobedience, the CCP can no longer collect tax or profit from the common people.

Besides, after “lying flat (in bed),” you have more time to mull over your life and the society; you have more time to study, work out, and enrich your knowledge. Therefore, “lying flat” is not confusion or decadence, but forbearance and getting ready for rebirth. Just like Chinese comedian Feng Gong said in his talk show, “If life is unfair to you, don’t complain, don’t feel sad, don’t be dissatisfied, don’t whine, you just lie flat on the tree like a pupa. Sooner or later, you will metamorphose into a beautiful butterfly, flapping two big wings to fly in any fashion you like.”

Yes, the day of your rise and self-rebirth will definitely come. Therefore, there is no need for demonstrations on the street or violent resistance, we just “lie flat.” If the people of the whole country “lie flat,” the CCP will collapse as its economy crashes.

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Reference: Gandhi’s quote

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