[Headline News] Total Number of Covid-19 Infected Cases in South Asia Surpasses 30 Million, Accounting for 18% of the World

Author: MOS Fitness Group Wenzhen

As of Friday, May 28th, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Bhutan, Nepal, Maldives and Sri Lanka accounted for 18% of the cumulative confirmed cases of Covid-19 disease and 10% of the cumulative deaths worldwide.

India, the country with the world’s second largest population, is struggling to cope with the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, under the attack of a more infectious variant strain B1617. India’s Health Ministry reported on Friday that there were 186,364 newly confirmed Covid-19 cases and 3,660 more deaths in the past 24 hours. Although the number of new cases on Friday is the lowest recorded in India in the past month, the cumulative number of confirmed cases is still as high as 27.56 million, only second to the United States. Its cumulative deaths of 18,895 cases were only less than the United States and Brazil, almost equivalent to one-third of the total number of global deaths.

Just when India, Australia, and Japan formed a unified strategic alliance “QUAD” with the United States to combat the threat of the Chinese Communist Party’s ambition of dominating the world, the pandemic in India broke out again. Is it a deliberate attempt by the Chinese Communist Party to poison the country in order to retaliate and blackmail the Modi’s government? India and other countries in South-Central Asia have the largest population and they will be the best beneficiaries when the global supply chain decouples from the Chinese Communist Party. The blockade caused by the pandemic has been a fatal blow to these countries’ economies, making it difficult to restructure the supply chain.

Sri Lanka, Nepal, Pakistan and Bangladesh are among the countries participating in the CCP’s “Belt and Road Initiative” (BRI). The BRI aims to use large-scale infrastructure projects and loans to expand the CCP’s control over global trade. At the beginning of the vaccination program, these countries were all dependent on Indian to export vaccines. As India’s pandemic intensified, exports of the coronavirus vaccines have been halted since March. This was a major blow to Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka and many African countries that were waiting for the vaccines to save lives, forcing them to scramble for other alternative vaccines. China took the opportunity to donate 1.1 million doses of its national vaccine to Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka subsequently resumed its vaccination program, and the government announced the procurement of more Sputnik V vaccines. This again gave the Chinese Communist Party an opportunity to use the “vaccine” economy to control these countries.

As of May 28th, at least 201,917 doses of the coronavirus vaccines had been distributed in South Asia. These countries’ attempts to use massive vaccination to stop the coronavirus pandemic are doomed to fail. If the unscrupulous politicians of these countries continue to collude with the Chinese Communist Party, more and more innocent people will lose their lives.


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