[Headline News] Dr. Cahill Calls for Vaccination Halt, Says mRNA Vaccine Is More Dangerous Than Virus Itself

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On May 21, 2021, Asia Pacific Today interviewed Dr. Dolores Cahill, Professor of Molecular Genetics at the University of Dublin Medical School and President of the Irish Liberal Party, who stated that mRNA injections of vaccines are extremely harmful and useless to humans and strongly urged the government to stop asking people to get the vaccines. 

Source: Asia Pacific Today

Dr. Cahill mentioned when the pandemic was declared on March 11, 2020, that the chance of dying from infection with the COVID-19 virus is 1:1.8 million, while the chance of having an adverse reaction with a vaccine is 1:50, or 2%. She believes that the current mRNA injections of vaccines are gene therapy, not a vaccine. She said that no mRNA injections of vaccines have been licensed in the world up to 2020 despite 50 years of attempts of the world to develop them. The reason it has not been approved for use is that in the safety trials on humans and animals, it has been shown that injecting this vaccine causes too many adverse effects and deaths. In the gene therapy experiments, half/all of the animals died and they maybe didn’t die right away but relatively well and just a little tired. But when they came across the COVID-19 virus, all the experimental animals died in some experiments. She used the analogy that if a cancer patient is treated in a way that kills half/all of the people being treated, then the so-called “treatment” is in fact more harmful than cancer itself.

Dr. Cahill also said that people think that the vaccine can stimulate the body’s immune system so as to play a protective role, but in fact, the immunity stimulated by the vaccine does not protect the body from the virus but quickly turn your own immune system. Dr. Cahill said the mRNA injections of vaccines actually stimulate the immune system’s resistance to viral proteins. It “turns the vaccinated person into a genetically modified organism” that will itself make the viral protein that the human immune system has evolved over millions of years to destroy. “The viral protein can integrate into your organs and cells,” for example, the heart, the liver, the pancreas, the lungs, etc.. Your own immune system then starts to attack the viral protein, i.e., your own cells. Your response may “be relative to how many times you’ve come across whatever the infectious agent is in the vaccine or if you previously vaccinated.” You will be chronic fatigue and be exhausted and your organs will start to fail. All the animals in the experiment were seriously ill or died. So this so-called vaccine ruins people’s health and kills them, and the so-called antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE) actually enhances the disease and illness. 

Source: Asia Pacific Today

Dr. Cahill noted that it is still unclear what measures can be taken to rescue those people. That’s why she has been urging people not to get the vaccine since last year. And she asked to stop mRND injections of vaccines clinical trials worldwide because for centuries if there are deaths in clinical trials, the trials should be terminated. In Ireland, in just two care homes, 57 people died within 2-5 weeks of vaccination. These deaths were due to a stimulation of the immune system that caused them to become seriously ill and die within a few weeks. Younger people may die within months or years. That means that whether you are 30, 40, or 50 years old, your life expectancy will be greatly reduced.

Dr. Cahill said in May 2020 that there are very cheap and safe ways to prevent COVID-19. She recommended taking vitamins C and D regularly and hydroxychloroquine plus zinc, and ivermectin are very safe and effective in preventing and early treatment of COVID-19. She said that there would be no deaths at all if doctors used this method for the public and the mRNA vaccine is extremely harmful and useless.

Given that the so-called mRNA vaccine is so harmful to human health, no one should be vaccinated. The government should immediately stop asking people to get vaccines.


Professor Dolores Cahill says that mRNA vaccines enhances the illness and the disease.

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