[Opinion] Another Sort of Climate Change: Anti-the CCP Storm

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Global climate change has once again provoked a roiling debate among the media and science sectors after Biden took the oath of office. Because I have a superficial understanding of climate issues and the multilateralism in climate governance, therefore, I’m not the person who is qualified to speak on this issue; however, I have noticed that another type of “climate policy change” is coming into being: the investigation of the origin and causes of the coronavirus, and a new understanding of the Chinese Communist Party whereby counter-attacks have taken shape in various fields.

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Two recent articles written by leftist American journalists are the most emblematic examples.

The first article is written by Mattew B Crawford, who holds degrees in physics and political philosophy and is currently a senior fellow at the University of Virginia’s Institute for Advanced Studies in Culture and recommended by Jamie Metzl, a senior leftist journalist and author. The article focuses on the existence of a monopoly in science that suppresses statements that challenge authoritative experts, and on the fact that talk of a possible laboratory rather than the natural origin of the virus at the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak was dismissed and silenced as a conspiracy theory by several prominent virologists. But this situation is reversing. “On May 2, the veteran science reporter Nicolas Wade published a long, detailed account of the lab-leak hypothesis. His reporting appears to have triggered a cascade of defections,”  Crawford wrote, ”Now 18 scientists have signed a letter in the journal Science with the title ‘Investigate the origin of COVID-19.’ The New You times notes that ‘Many of the signers have not spoken out before.'” Crawford also wrote: Wade points out that the consensus that Covid must have an entirely natural origin was established by two early pronouncements, one in the Lancet in February 2020 and the other in Nature Medicine in March 2020. These were op-eds, not scientific papers. The conflict of interest arising from the relationship between Dr. Daszak’s organization and the Wuhan Institute of Virology, which funded his coronavirus research, raises serious questions about Daszak’s claim of the natural origin of the virus. This is a reflection of the phenomenon of climate change in the field of medical science and technology.

The second article was over 20 pages written by left-wing Hollywood journalist Patrick Brzeski. The article begins with the story of Chinese American Zhao Ting, who won an Oscar for Best Director but was completely banned by the Chinese Communist Party in China for her truthful statements about the Chinese Communist Party which were made several years ago. The middle content of his article uses numerous statistics and examples to explain in detail how the Chinese Communist Party uses China’s huge population market to lure and deceive Hollywood. 

After detailed elaboration, the reporter points out in the last but also the most core part: While Hollywood continues to look the other way when it comes to China’s human rights, Congress does not. In February, Sen. Jeff Merkley, D-Ore., introduced to legislation the Senate that would require President Biden to create an interagency task force to develop and execute a “government strategy to monitor and address Chinese government efforts to censor or intimidate individuals and entities in the United States, including attempts to censor or intimidate U.S. companies doing business in China.” The bill also would require a nonpartisan research organization to develop a report detailing “major trends, patterns, and methods of China’s censorship and intimidation.” And that report would be required to include “best practices for industries in which freedom of expression issues are particularly acute, including the media and film industries.” The proposal was supported by Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren and Republican Senator Marco Rubio. Stanley Rosen. A professor at the University of Southern California who specializes in the Chinese film industry says, When you get Elizabeth Warren and Marco Rubio getting behind the same bill together, then you really know Hollywood and China have got a bit of a problem in Congress. 

The reporter also writes: Within the U.S. government, meanwhile, the push for a hard-line approach to China is the only major policy area where there is a deep bipartisan political agreement. Such sentiments are now broadly reflected among the U.S. public as well.  A Pew Research Center survey published March 4 found that 67 percent of Americans feel “cold” toward China, up 21 percentage points from the 46 percent who said the same in 2018. Roughly nine in 10 U.S. adults (89 percent) consider China a competitor or enemy, rather than a partner, while 48 percent — up from 32 percent three years earlier — think limiting China’s power and influence should be a top foreign policy priority for the U.S. The title of Patrick Brzeski’s 20-page article, “From Deal Frenzy to Decoupling: Is the China-Hollywood Romance Officially Over?” is an early forecast for Hollywood’s impending change in the direction away from the Chinese Communist Party.

In the days following the release of these two articles, Facebook has issued a statement that it will no longer remove posts claiming COVID-19 is man-made; as President Biden calls for investigation into the origins of COVID-19 in 90 days. Meanwhile, Fauci is also at the hearing to change his early claim that the coronavirus does not come from nature and should be investigated in depth. Sen. Marsha Blackburn sent a tweet saying, Americans deserve answers on the origins of COVID-19. Rep. Brian Mast tweeted, China Must be held accountable for their involvement in the spread of COVID-19.  Just 12 hours ago, South China Morning Post published an article: Children of Chinese police officers find path to US college block.

Similar articles are emerging in various fields, regions, and countries every day, as the turbulent rivers, full of whirlpools and waves, gathered into a raging wave, roaring and rushing into the boiling ocean; with thunder and lightning, the sea rises as a great mountain of anger in the form of water, turbulent and unforgiving to pounce on the Chinese Communist Party, and no one and nothing cannot stop it. Dear friends, while you are protecting yourself against the coronavirus, be sure to find a safe place in advance to shelter yourself from such furious climate change. Please join the Whistleblower Movement, which is like Noah’s Ark to withstand the inevitable upcoming storms. This is my understanding of such climate change and to give an advance forecast.


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