Time to Take Down the Demon CCP to Save Humanity


Four European foreign ministers from Poland, Serbia, Ireland and Hungary visited Communist China at a sensitive time to discuss cooperation, according to Chinese Communist Party (CCP) media. State media commented that their visit reflected the full picture of China-Europe relations.

  • Poland has always been extremely anti-communist, and their relations with the CCP must not be any better.
  • Mr. Lu De reminds Guiyang is a small city as people think. It is the Big Data Valley of Communist China, and all the servers of the CCP’s technology giants are located in Guiyang. The CCP will certainly use the information they gather through the company like Huawei to threaten the leaders of these countries.
  • Except for Serbia, the other three countries are probably not here to discuss cooperation but to figure out how to escape from the CCP’s clutches as quickly as possible.

The CPP has lifted the birth cap and began promoting the three-child policy.

  • Due to the CCP’s one-child policy, aging has become a very serious social problem in Communist China.
  • The CCP doesn’t care about human rights and humanity. Once they decouple from the world,  they will surely violate the laws of nature to use cloning technology to mass produce the human slaves they need.
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