[Commentary] WHO Restarts Investigation on the Origin of Covid-19, Saying the Origin Issue Has Been “Poisoned by Politics”

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Reuters reported on May 28th that the executive director of the World Health Organization’s (WHO) health emergency program, Dr. Mike Ryan, urged that “politics” must be separated from science on the origin of Covid-19. Meanwhile, the WHO’s experts are drafting plans for the next phase of the investigation into the origin of Covid-19.

Dr. Ryan said at a news press, “If possible, we hope everyone to separate politics from science on this issue. The whole process has been poisoned by politics.” He supplemented that further research is needed to find the origin of the Covid-19 virus.

WHO spokesperson Fadela Chaib, reporting at the United Nations on Friday, said the WHO’s experts will develop a plan to present to the WHO Director, General Tan Desai. However, Chaib said there is no timeline set for the development of the plan. Earlier this week, Dr. Mike Ryan, the WHO’s chief emergency expert, said communication with the WHO members on the matter will continue in the coming weeks.

Last Wednesday, U.S. President Joe Biden issued a presidential order calling on the intelligence community to work together to produce a conclusive report on the origin of the Covid-19 virus within 90 days. At the same time, the U.S. called on the WHO to launch a second phase investigation on the virus origin by organizing independent experts to travel to China, giving them full access to raw data and early patient blood samples.

The WHO news press and public statements by spokespersons were under pressure in response to the U.S. government request to investigate the origin of Covid-19 virus. The WHO panel of experts, led by Peter Daszak, published an investigative report in March that suggested the Covid-19 virus may have been transmitted from bats to humans through an intermediate host, in an attempt to help the Chinese Communist Party conceal and cover up the fact that the Wuhan P4 laboratory manufactured the Covid-19 virus. The WHO public statement that the origin of Covid-19 has been “poisoned by politics” is an attempt to deny the results from the first investigation, which was manipulated and restricted by the Chinese government from beginning to end; the investigation report was basically to endorse the Chinese government.

As the worldwide pandemic intensifies, and questions on the unnatural origin of the virus heighten, governments are forced to confront the issue of the Covid-19 virus origin. Dr. Limeng Yan’s three scientific reports expose the fact that the Covid-19 virus was created in the laboratory from both scientific evidence and intelligence perspectives. The Covid-19 virus skeleton came from the Zhoushan bat virus, which is exclusively owned by the CCP’s PLA. As the evidence of the laboratory-manufactured virus continues to be exposed, the WHO has been forced by the pressure of member states to restart the second phase investigation into the origins. The efforts were made by the WHO to overturn the results of the first investigation and draw a clear line with the Chinese Communist Party, so as to regain their credibility as an international organization.

Reference: https://gnews.org/zh-hans/1284880/

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