05/28/2021 G-Translators Newsflash

News Summary:

1, CCP Promotes Its Digital Wallet as a Key Surveillance Tool

2, ‟Patriots Rule Hong Kong”, Pro-CCP Election Rules Passed

3, Fauci Claimed He Didn’t Know Whether the CCP Lied and Used $600K US Funding To Conduct “Gain-of-Function” Research

4, Canadian Conservatives Questioned Prime Minister Justin Trudeau–How CCP Military Researchers Obtained a High-Level Canadian Security Clearance

5, Facebook Scrapped Its Ban on Posts Debating the Origin of the CCP Virus

6, U.S.-China Rivalry Officially Enters Intense Competition U.S. Indo-Pacific Chief: Uniting Global Allies Against Communist China

GTV Link:https://gtv.org/video/id=60b60197f6ff4b33fb980677

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