Katyusha News Reference ——May30, 2021

. The New Federal State of China News 

1.More than 200 House Republicans are putting pressure on their Democrat counterparts to get down to the CCP-virus origins and hold the CCP’s regime accountable for the pandemic coverup. “We request that you instruct the appropriate Democrat committee chairs to immediately join Republican calls to hold the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) accountable for its role in causing the global COVID-19 pandemic,” stated a May 28 letter to Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

2. Representative Michael McCaul (R-TX) said Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union” that it is “most likely” the coronavirus pandemic was the result of an accidental lab leak. “Let’s not forget in 2004, with SARS virus, they accidentally leaked the SARS virus from that lab in 2004,” he said.

3. ABC News’ Jon Karl said May 30 on “This Week” that even though he thought former President Donald Trump made a “racist appeal talking” regarding CCP connection to COVID-19, some things he said may be true like the coronavirus pandemic likely came from a leak at a lab in China.

4. President Joe Biden revealed in a May 30 speech marking Memorial Day that he raised the issue of human rights violations during a call with Xi Jinping, “I had a long conversation, for two hours recently with President Xi, making it clear to him that we could do nothing but speak out for human rights around the world because that’s who we are.”

5. Not only do British spies see the Wuhan lab leak of CCP-virus as “plausible,” but it is seeking intelligence from sources on the darknet to investigate and expose it, London’s The Sunday Times reported on May 30.

6. The prominent expert Dr. Peter Hotez of Baylor College of Medicine said the U.S. must insist on sending a team of investigators to Wuhan in order to collect evidence on bat-virus experiments there. He warned that without full access to the lab itself, the origins may never be uncovered. “There’s going to be COVID-26 and COVID-32 unless we fully understand the origins of COVID-19. This is absolutely critical,” said Hotez.

7. The analysis of trade data has revealed that CCP received more than half the total tonnes of seafood, wood and minerals exported from the region in 2019, a haul worth $3.3bn that has been described by experts as “staggering in magnitude”. The country’s mass extraction of resources comes as China has deepened its connections with governments across the region, amid a soft power push that sees it rivalling the influence of the US and Australia in the Pacific.

8. CCP’s Politburo decided in a meeting on Monday overseen by President Xi Jinping to allow families to have up to three children in the future, according to state news agency Xinhua.

9. 47 leading Hong Kong democracy activists could face up to life in prison for organising an unofficial primary election, Hong Kong prosecutors have confirmed May 31, in the most sweeping use yet of Beijing’s strict new security law.

II. World News

Israel and the United Arab Emirates have signed a double taxation treaty, Israel’s Finance Ministry said on Monday, the latest move to normalize ties less than a year after the countries signed a historic accord.

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