[Commentary]Regulation On After-school Training Tightened In Name Of Rectification

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May 3, Sina echoed the report from CCTV that Guangzhou issued size-able fines on April 30 to five after-school training institutes for publishing false advertisings.

According to the report, the above five institutes were given administrative punishments for the advertisings that contain guaranteed commitments, implicitly or explicitly, to effects of the training or educating, and/or unverifiable data of training quality, in violation of the law of advertising. The fines vary from ¥5000 to ¥229,200.

Since the training institutes were punished due to that the statistical data and the results of investigation all cannot be verified and fictitious, why are the measures of “fighting pandemic with traditional Chinese medicines and “preventing pandemic with the vaccines” still being referred to by “National Vaccination” that obviously lack support by open scientific data?So now that the two cases have been proven true by the media and the propaganda, why are the advertisings of the training institutes concluded fictitious? Is it illegal for the Lao-bai-xing to “fake” while it is lawful for the authority to do the same?

In the second half year of 2020, with the status quo of the surging pressure from short-term debt paying and serial bankruptcies of the large state-owned enterprise banks, the after-school training institutions (such as Youwinedu) collapsed one after another. After experiencing the outburst of epidemic resulting from the Longevity training class, Heilongjiang, in January of 2021, rectifying the after-school training institutions has turned into the dual focuses of the government as well as the public opinions.

In March of 2021, Beijing took the lead to launch rectifications of the after-school training institutions all over the city. Firstly, they inspected the epidemic prevention measures, then rectified regulations on capitals and publicities and advertisings. Recently, there were four more training institutions, Xueersi, Genshuixue, Koolearn.com, Gaosiedu, that have been fined half million Yuan to the maximum for violating the law of prices and fake publicities. Imitating the exemplar of Beijing, many launched the rectifications of the after-school training institutions all over the country as well. It is just a try for Guangzhou to punish the five training institutes in name of violation of the law of advertising. It is foreseeable that there will be thereafter more incidents of rectification and punishment to the training institutions in various places of the country.

Now let’s look back at the seven rounds of rectifications by Chinese Communist Party(CCP) since 2018. In the Guidelines on Regulating the Development of After-school Training Institutions, staged in August of 2018, by the State Department of CCP, specifies that the advance charge taken by an after-school training institution shall not be more than that for 3 months. However, the bankruptcy of the Web International English in 2019 and runaway of Youwinedu in 2020 were demanded refund by the parents and overdue payment by the teachers, making the restriction on the advance charge futile, so to speak.

Here is another case, Notice on Effective execution of the Special regulation and Rectification Work for After-school Training Institutions, issued in September of 2018, clearly provides that the teachers who are engaged in Chinese, Mathematics, English, Physics and Chemistry for training shall obtain relevant certificates of qualification. However, in the early 2021, the Ministry of Education of CCP reiterated that the teachers of after-school training institutions shall obtain the Teacher Certificates , meaning that the decree has been up in the air. Only when CCP feels that it is profitable, does it pick up law as kind of a regulation.

Although the rectification on after-school training institutions, starting from 2018, has doubled down, and the priorities are increasing in number, the cases of runaways of the training institutions do not decrease in number, the burden of students’ family is increasingly heavier, and severity of the involution of participating after-school training is still as great as before. Following the price gouging of school district houses in 2021, the after-school training has been resuscitated against the depression brought about by the Covid-19 in 2020. We are wondering why the more the rectification, the more the regulation tightened, the heavier the burden of the students and families brought and the more deviate the education of the whole society.

From the recent cases of the irrational fines, it is not difficult to find that, however illogical or void of evidences, so long as there is any nominal rule on the paper, the government still has the ace in his hand to impose fines. However beautiful the title hey claim, all just serve their purpose to impose fines. As long as the education system is the way it is, and the means to seek profit from education remain unchanged, the role of the goat-to-be-slaughtered of the after-school training will not change.

Author: Ying Wenyan | Editor: Xiaoxin | Posted by: Xiaoxin

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