[Headline News] U.S.-China Engagement Era Has Come To An End, Says Biden’s Top Man

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On May 26, Kurt Campbell, White House’s Indo-Pacific policy director, says that the era of U.S. engagement with China has come to an end and “competition” would be “the dominant paradigm” and U.S. policy would work under “a new set of strategic parameters”.

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On May 4, Kurt Campbell stated that the U.S. government was not in a position to make any decision on Taiwan issue. Campbell also insisted that the U.S. government should continue its original “strategic ambiguity” as the safest and most beneficial policy, because “strategic clarity” would upset the Chinese Communist Party and thus upset the current balance in Taiwan Strait.

Just within 22 days, the White House has made such a significant shift in its strategy to the Chinese Communist Party.

The Communist Party of China, under the authoritarian leadership of Xi Jinping, pursues a foreign policy of “warwolf”. To name a few: the armed conflict on the Sino-Indian border, the economic coercion against Australia, the large-scale military confrontation in the South China Sea, the escalation of threats against Taiwan and the democratic destruction and bloody suppression of Hong Kong…

These have made the US government aware that Beijing has turned to relying on “strong force”, which shows that “the Chinese Communist Party has decided to play a more aggressive role.”

Another key factor in the change in U.S. strategy, Campbell said, is Xi Jinping, a ruthless dictator with no interest in the economy. CCP will continue his policy of rule less, non-negotiable and unpredictable hegemonic expansion. The United States must reposition its relationship with the Chinese Communist Party.

Campbell made this frank and sharp statement, showing that the US government has changed the position from being a partner to being a competitor of the CCP.

The U.S. government’s strategy of countering the CCP has become increasingly clear. It is shifting its strategic focus, economic interests and military power to the Indo-Pacific region. This is the very first time in U.S. history.

Picture source: Reuters


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