Silence For 20 Minutes Everyday

Author: MOS Gospel Team – Righteous Man

Silence is more than just a private time to yourself; it is the most beautiful gift from you to yourself. I know that you might not be satisfied with your family members, your friends, your bosses or peers, or even with yourself. I know your dream has not been realized yet, no matter how hard you have tried. Yes, now, with Covid-19 and shutdowns, your life is full of challenges and you can’t see the lights. I can share one secret remedy to make things better: take a vow of silence for 20 minutes a day and exercise gratitude.

In the 21st century, a fast-growing world, I realized that most adults are not happy with their current lives. They couldn’t stop getting angry with themselves and denouncing the society or community for their internal suffering and external insufficiency. Can 20 minutes of silence bring a smile to your face? Absolutely!

Gratitude takes away the sad feelings and negative thoughts in your heart and it squeezes in more room for you to feel grateful for what you have already achieved. Silence is the enhancer to find your happiness through gratitude. Silence is also the sacred moment when a dialogue between your mind and your soul happens internally and freely. It is a process of programming your mind to stay positive all the time until it becomes a habit of silence of gratitude at least once every day for at least 20 minutes. You will see the difference in a few months if you practice this every single day.

Silence with gratitude would bring the following benefits to your life:

1. You will feel less stressed due to calmness and relaxation.

2. You will sleep better than before due to fewer worries.

3. You will have more hope for the future due to increased confidence.

4. Your life will be more optimistic and joyful.

5. You will be more forgiving and compassionate.

6. You will stop judging yourself and others.

7. You will be more social and less isolating.

8. You will be more connected to the truth of the universe.

9. You will enjoy inner peace and listen to your inner voices.

10. You will cherish your friends and family more.

11. You will appreciate silence even more.

Please stop what you are doing now, take 20 minutes of silence, reflect on good memories of your life, accept those sad moments you experienced, and breathe in the fresh air with gratitude.

Edited and posted by Xiaoxin

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