【G Times】Features of Unrestricted Warfare: low cost, high casualty

Author:Giselle / Translator:Xiaoyu

1,Please briefly describe the unrestricted warfare deployed by the CCP.
——Unrestricted warfare is in line with the traditional cheap and lethal character of the CCP.
• Politically: bribe cheap politicians at low cost, lure them into betraying their own interests;
• Economically: steal the opponents’ patents, copy them , and eliminate opponents with low-cost competition;
• Culturally: under the guise of a 1.4 billion consumer market, manipulate and inject ideology;
• Diplomatically: deploy baits and spies (BGY), ride on the low-cost Belt and Road Initiative to bring about legal colonization, and strategic expansion;
• Religiously: nurture pro-communist guru, infiltrate on all fronts and take full control;
• Military: low-cost biological and chemical weapons, the collapse of the global social system, the invisible killer…

2 One of the things vaccine advocates often say is this: The lethality of the vaccines is only a few parts per million, so vaccines are safe.

——The probability of a few parts per million, when it falls on the individual, and when families are ruined, is in fact 100%.Therefore, don’t use low probability as an argument. Time will expose all that are fake, ugly, and evil.

3,What do you think of the spectacle of the crowds of suckers in the mainland waiting in line to be vaccinated?
——Can only pray.

4,The New York Times: Some people feel that during the COVID-19 pandemic, mass shootings seem to have almost stopped, and there has been no mass shooting in public places for a year. But the shooting never stopped. There is just less publicity. As of May 26, there have been at least 232 mass shootings in the United States in 2021. This article counts some of the shootings that caused multiple victims this year.
——Your master asked you to mention “guns ban” again, right? How many shootings were instigated by others? Do your checks!
It is said that the culprit also died in this shooting in California. But there is no proof of death! You’re just fooling around with the same old tricks! Indeed, talk about being vicious… nobody comes close to you lot.
(The contents of the article only represents the author’s personal views)

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