Will the Multinational Rush To Vaccinate Athletes for the Tokyo Olympics Be the Trigger for a Major Accident?

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Despite a state of emergency in many parts of Japan, including Tokyo, due to the increased spread of the CCP biochemical virus, Tokyo Olympics officials still insist that the already postponed Games by one year will be held on time, as scheduled, on July 23, 2021. With less than three months to go before the start of the ill-fated Olympics, athletes from all countries are preparing for the Games in the hope of achieving a good result.

At the same time, governments have not been idle. They may be doing a poor job of controlling the epidemic in their countries, but to show that they still have something to offer, several countries are working overtime to vaccinate their Olympians against the CCP virus.

There is a wealth of information available on the Internet through relevant keyword searches, and here are a few examples.

According to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Australian athletes and officials traveling to the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics will receive priority vaccination against the CCP virus before the games. France 24 reports that Ukraine will vaccinate its athletes against the CCP virus before the 2021 Summer Olympics and Paralympics. US News reported that South Korea will prioritize CCP virus vaccinations for Olympic athletes. The Hindustan Times reports that Israel will have all athletes vaccinated for the Tokyo Olympics. ESPN reports that the Italian Olympic Committee is planning vaccinations for its entire team for the Tokyo Olympics.

The above information is just random news reports excerpted by the author. In fact, there are many countries that vaccinate their athletes, and it is impossible to list them all here. Although the IOC has officially stated that the CCP vaccine is not a requirement for participation, it is recommended that countries vaccinate their participants when available. Governments and Olympic committees have also made it a political showcase, showing their responsibility and ability to fight the CCP virus epidemic not only by vaccinating athletes, but also by prioritizing and making a lot of noise about it, which is a small political achievement. in the gloomy atmosphere since the epidemic.

In fact, we all know that the development of the CCP virus vaccine is not mature, vaccination after the side effects of examples seen repeatedly in the media. CCP biochemical weapons whistleblower Dr. Yan Li-Meng bluntly: no original strain, there can never be a vaccine. Don’t athletes in all countries know this? Of all the people who have been vaccinated, someone must have known. But as we all know, the world of sports is very team-oriented, especially in certain team sports that require cooperation. In this case, your teammates are all vaccinated, and you’re the only one who isn’t and is isolated and ostracized, even disqualified. So even those who knew the truth were reluctantly vaccinated.

The result is that governments and Olympic committees get political success, vaccine manufacturers get profits, at the expense of the athletes who actually compete. Leaving aside the possible side effects of the vaccine, more seriously, vaccination does not completely eliminate the virus, and many of the new cases of CCP virus are in the vaccinated population.

Governments only see the immediate benefits, but do not consider the fact that tens of thousands of athletes and officials around the world gathered in a hotspot of the biochemical virus of CCP, eating and living together, once an infected person is mixed inside, it is likely to cause a cluster of infection. If many high-level athletes who have been vaccinated are also infected, it will completely tear the shame that the vaccine does not work, and the world’s confidence in the recovery will be completely shattered, and the world economy will head for a complete collapse.

Fortunately, Mr. Wen Gui has long anticipated the coming crash and has not only built the G-series and Noah’s ark of the New Federal State of China for his supporters, but has also pointed out a clear path for governments: the CCP has the antidote for this virus. The only way to completely solve the epidemic and the social problems caused by the epidemic is to unite and ask the CCP for the antidote!


For those politicians who keep their luck and want to make a profit, you don’t have much time left. People around the world are waking up fast and the trend to destroy the CCP is already in place. If you are not on the right side of history at this critical time, you will be swept into the dustbin of history with the CCP.

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