[May 29, 2021] Miles Guo’s Getter (2nd)

Translator: Himalaya Connecticut Pangu (USA)(Antsee-GTV)

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[May 29, 2021] Video translation

Brother and sisters, I am recording one more video clip for Getter. It is May 29.

Many fellow fighters are concerned about the US and the world economy. In this video clip, I can tell you that the US economy is going to be a huge disaster, and so is the global economy and finance. I can responsibly say it here.

Many fellow fighters ask me about this. But it’s very difficult to answer, how can I answer you? I can only tell you that it is going to be a huge disaster. No one can stop it. And there is no other solution.

We are not discussing the technical, economic statistics, and you don’t want to know that. But it will be a fluke and a fantasy for you to still invest in the market when you have learned the result will be catastrophic.

If so, you don’t deserve any sympathy, no matter how much you will lose — that’s for sure.

I will tell you about two aspects that you may not be aware of. Let me tell you this. Firstly, most of these funds that I know, the intelligent funds, are quietly reducing their cash holdings. The vast majority of them have invested the cash in digital currencies they trust. It’s like putting money in the air and the cloud, making their money safe. In addition, some funds invested in large quantities of physical gold. Nobody invested in diamonds. Only fools do that.

Another fact that surprised me more was that they sold as many properties as they could. The properties worth tens, or hundreds of millions of dollars, were sold at 30%, 40%, or 50% discounts. Some people who used to own more than a dozen properties only kept two houses and sold the rest. They believe there might be no chance in future for them to sell these high-end houses if they don’t do it now. The real estate market is going to collapse, and the price will definitely plunge. 

Not to mention stocks. They sold as many stocks as they could, or mortgaged the stocks as much as possible. Especially those shares that can be redeemed for cash were sold out. All these things happened in the last two or three months. I think you should keep in mind what I have told you in this Getter. Anyone who still wants to make money in the stock market at this point is really guaranteeing financial losses.

Do you think you can gamble correctly on the ebb or flow of the price of gold? It is like looking for somebody you know in the universe. Do you think it is possible? No way. If you could, the world would be yours. This is no joke. So many questions you asked that I have no idea how to reply. How can I say, brothers and sisters? I am not joking.

In particular, brothers and sisters, I am telling you one more thing: the US is in a situation where it has over-issued (printed) paper money to finance its deficits (monetizing the debt). Many countries in Europe are in the same situation. 2/3 of Europe is insolvent. Countries like Italy, Belgium, Greece are bankrupt, aren’t they? But they are still playing this game of printing money.

The largest economy, the CCP, is 100% going to be over. When the CCP falls, will the world’s economy still be good? Some things can be good. Some industries may even be like a rocket ride to the sky. The question is, can you catch it? Getting rich in war, getting rich in stocks, is really as impossible for the ordinary person as looking for somebody you know in the universe. You shouldn’t think about these impossibilities.

I get too many of these messages every day. There is a protocol in my circle that some things should never be mentioned to the public. Let me explain it like this. Some funds I have worked with for a long time have prepared secluded survival retreats in the mountains. Others have prepared large amounts of essential provisions in their houses in Europe or Zurich. Also, some people have prepared 3 to 5 years of essential supplies that they will need to survive, on islands in Greece or in their mansions in England. Several prominent families are fortifying their homes with high walls and barriers in the south of France, like forts.

I’m not kidding you, brothers and sisters. Everybody smells the CCP’s demise. As long as the CCP doesn’t hand over the antidote and doesn’t tell the world the truth about the coronavirus, the virus is bound to be more and more dangerous.  It doesn’t look as if the US has improved recently. The coronavirus is still lethal.

That is why I always emphasize that our fellow fighters should unite as one. We have no actual national entity, no organization, no fund, and no company. Strictly speaking, many of our fellow fighters don’t even have adequate friends or relatives. In such circumstances, we must have excellent organization and management abilities.

After the 1st anniversary celebration on June 3rd, after June 4th, we will focus on coordinating the management ability of many Himalaya farm leaders. And more cash is going to be distributed to various Himalaya farms.

Our farms should establish infrastructured facilities, reserves, coordinated capacity, and be able to help our fellow fighters worldwide. The Himalaya farms should have more resources prepared for three upcoming cataclysms: 

  1. The CCP’s destruction resulting in a scourge, and a humanitarian disaster for humankind.

  2. When the US and the world economy enter a catastrophic cycle of depression and collapse, we should provide financial assistance or relief to our fellow fighters as much as we can.

  3. As the world is transforming from the traditional economy of paper currencies to a future economy of digital cryptocurrencies, we should stop our fellow fighter’s wealth from being ripped off or becoming worthless.

We just want to accomplish three goals – property security, life safety, and avenging the CCP.

Your brother-7 doesn’t want to say too much. If I say too much, you might think it’s a bit uncanny. If I say what you already know, what’s the point of having me, right?

You just listen to what “nine-fingered demon Sara (VOG)” or Xiong Xianmin said. They brag all the time that they can bring God, Freedom, and Democracy to people. But they could only get your fingers cut off, right? Xiong Xianmin works as an Uber driver every day, earning $200 and getting women to give him free massages. You can listen to him or listen to Weishi from Boxun.com. Right?

Let me tell you this: “what your brother-7 has seen and has experienced, and what I encounter every day is beyond your imagination. Let me tell you this: “what your brother-7 has seen and has experienced, and what I encounter every day is beyond your imagination.” It’s like coffee, even though the different varieties are all called coffee, they are all different.

We managed to help a friend in Hong Kong this very early morning at 3 am.

The critical point is that we managed to find the most crucial witness over the weekend. Somebody clarified how the CCP has illegally blocked his money transactions. A certain bank finally permitted this descendant of one of the top 10 families in Hong Kong to transfer his legal inheritance from Hong Kong after holding an emergency conference over the weekend.

We got the assistance of a Singapore fellow fighter. It was really moving. It is difficult for you to understand personally what your brother-7 goes through every day because you cannot experience it by yourself.

This fellow fighter, a native Singaporean, managed to find an effective way to help to solve the problem. It was great. Just in this bank, my family fund holds probably billions of cash assets. I have never asked him for any help. But this time, he helped our fellow fighters to solve the problem about the money.

Brothers and sisters, only if the New Federal State of China (NFSC), our fellow fighters, and all Himalaya farms work together can we safely survive this unprecedented economic catastrophe in human history. 

Of course, it is going to be the most significant turmoil caused to all humankind before the CCP’s destruction. Also, it is going to be a most remarkable redistribution of wealth in the economic transformation of humanity.

Only if NFSC members work together and truly love our fellow fighters can we live a good and happy life.

In mainland China, there are fierce battles ongoing within the CCP. You will see. It is going to be a big show, a fantastic show.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Political and Legal Affairs Commission are fighting each other intensively. The Ministry of Security and the Ministry of Public Security are fighting each other fiercely.

Who is the financial sector fighting with? Guess who? It’s still the Political and Legal Committee.

It is inevitable. In the final phase of the CCP, it is also the time when they will rob the largest amount of money. Whatever power these departments respectively have, they have to grab and use it, right?

The more intensively they fight each other, the better. Let’s wait and see.

Video text contributor: Himalaya Italy Da Vinci Farm (TING GUO)

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