Shan-Lu Liu and Li-Shan Su, the First People To Help CCP’s Unrestricted Information Misleading

  • Author: peacelv
  • Editor: Jenny Ball

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In 2018 Aug, when Trump was still the president, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) had published the statement about protecting the United States’s bio medical research, and thus even caused the rebound rebuke from the so called “Chinese science Organization”. The three Chinese biologists in the organization published an open letter named “Racial labeling hurts Science”. Shan-Lu Liu was responsible for the organization, which made this matter and published this letter. Antifa was famous for using racial excuse, and they used the same tactics to approach.

Early in 2020 Feb,12th, when the outbreak of COVID-19 just caused the people’s attention. Almost at the same time, the Lude Media uncovered the virus’s truth in Jan, 19th, the CCP was extremely feared what they had done and the uncover of the truth. So they had to announce that the virus can be human-to-human transmission. And they at once organized the mission to do unrestricted information misleading. For example, Shan-Lu Liu and Li-Shan Su, these two people were the first to whitewash and cover up for the CCP.

We can see the emails from the EMI editor at very beginning, it request the scientists from everywhere around the world to complete joint signature. There was a doubt that why Baric was not so happy to sign his own name on the article?

Shan-Lu Liu said that actually he went back to China nearly every year, and there were also lots of reports about Li-Shan Su’s lectures in China, and all of their projects were funded by CCP government and even by the military. So what were the purpose of them first jumping to wash the ground for CCP? Is it really for science and truth?

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