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The road is still long, and it may take us one to two generations to completely eradicate the residual poison of the CCP and purify the sky, water and soil of China before it is fit for human existence.

—— Miles Guo,June 4, 2020

When you look at the behavior and words and actions of everyone, It’s important to keep in mind that this is not a game, nor is it a simple protest and rights of defense. It is a great revolution that affects the future survival of mankind. With revolution there is blood and sacrifice, which means dedication and vision. With faith and ideals, there is the possibility of failure, and you probably will fail, but all success grows out of failure!

—— Miles Guo,October 5, 2020

The global punishment of the CCP Spy tests the endurance, wisdom and determination of fellow fighters.

—— Miles Guo,October 5, 2020

How weak your heart is, then how much disaster is waiting for you. How much you know about this revolution, how much courage you have, then how much fruit of victory awaits you.

—— Miles Guo,October 5, 2020

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