【G Times】The Virus Murder, The Vaccine Stab, Survival is a Wonder

Author:Giselle Translator: Xiaoyu

1,President Biden orders US Intelligence to issue a report on the origin of the virus within 90 days. What do you think?

My first question is: Does it really take 90 days to confirm the source of the virus?
In fact, with regard to the chain of evidence related to the virus fatalities, Dr. Lawrence Sellin’s study is basically complete, and with Dr. Yan Limeng’s scientific reports, videos and documentary evidence of European scientists, the Biden administration does not need 90 days to publish a report on the origin of the virus.
My second question is: at CCP’s current rate of 10 million vaccination doses per day, it will be 900 million doses in 90 days. Vaccination dose rates are now accelerating in many countries, and within 90 days, who knows how many innocent lives who believe in them would be killed by the virus and maimed by the vaccine?
I therefore feel that this 3-course action will gauge the Biden administration’s sincerity in defeating the virus and the Chinese Communist Party:
A, recognize hydroxychloroquine, Lveycin and the likes in the prevention and early treatment of the virus;
B, remove drug prescription label on hydroxychloroquine and widely promote its application and production;
C, do not promote or drive the vaccine program or, better still, terminate it.

2, Professor Dolores Cahill, a biologist at the University of Dublin School of Medicine in Ireland cautioned: Those over 70 who have been vaccinated against COVID-19 may die within 3-5 years; even if you are only 30 years old, life expectancy may reduce drastically, may face death within 5-10 years, as well as allergic reactions, neurocognitive problems and infection, and of course infertility.
The virus execution, the vaccine stab… takes a genius to survive.

3, what’s going on? A cargo ship in Sri Lanka on fire!

It is said that the ship was loaded with chemical acids …
Four days ago, Sri Lanka’s parliament passed legislation to intensify supervision of CCP’s state-owned enterprises in the country’s city port developments. Then this fire flares up? Surely, there are too many coincidences this year…
(The content of the article represents only the author’s personal opinion).

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